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Thanksgiving is really really almost here. And I have something for all you Procrasti-bakers- (like me, who still doesn’t have her pie menu set in stone)- a quick roundup of lots of Pie-Inspiration for Turkey Day. You all know how much I love pies so a quick recap is in order.

Now if you give a girl a slice of pie, she’s likely going to want  a cup of coffee to go with it. As much as morning coffee is essential, I sure do enjoy an unsweetened coffee with dessert. The sweet flavors seem so much better and almost enhanced by the bitter coffee flavor. Andy is also a coffee guy, but he likes his coffee super strong an I prefer mine weaker with lots of cream. (no sugar.)icoffee

I got to try my first “Single Cup Coffee Brewer” last week, the new iCoffee Single Serve, and it is so incredibly cool. I know this technology has been around for awhile but the convenience of making a cup of coffee is now so easy I find myself popping the little k-Cups in several times a day! What makes the iCoffee Single Serve different from some others it actually has a special needle that spins, steams and stirs the coffee inside the cup giving it a french press effect. It’s compatible with all the brands of k-cups which makes choosing my flavor every morning super fun. (I’ll take the fun flavors and leave the classics to Andy!) You can choose how strong you want your cup to be which is a huge lifesaver in my household.

One lucky reader is gonna get to try this awesome new coffee maker for themselves because I’m giving one away today! It would make a wonderful Christmas gift don’t you think? Fill out the widget below to enter!

And for the pies- (in the order of the collage above)

Brown Sugar Pumpkin Pie

Lattice-Topped Cranberry Blackberry Pie

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Cranberry Meringue Pie

Deep Dish Sour Cream Apple Pie

Toasted Coconut Caramel Cream Pie

Salty Honey Pie

Brown Butter Apple Custard Pie

Blackberry Cranberry Crisp Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m taking a few days off but will be back early next week!

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  1. I’m making a chocolate bourbon pumpkin pie with a cream cheese/wheat crust!

  2. I am making pumpkin pie and I like coffee with everything!

  3. pecan pie and coffee is a must

  4. Glenda Tavenner says:

    I’m making pumpkin pie and my harvest apple pie which has apples, cranberries, raisins ans walnuts in it. Coffee is an absolute with dessert.

  5. Pumpkin cheesecake and this family loves coffee with pie :)

  6. Lindsay C says:

    Pumpkin cheesecake! (I guess that isn’t a pie, but there’s only two of us, so we are only making one dessert!)

    1. Lindsay C says:

      Oh AND I love a dessert coffee or spiked coffee with pie :)

  7. We are spending Thanksgiving proper with my in-laws, who are fabulous but have very specific ideas about pie configuration and where they should be bought from, which has scuttled my baking plans for tomorrow. But, not to be deterred, I’ll be making caramel-spiked pumpkin and pecan pies for our little family as soon as we return home this weekend! Everybody wins! And coffee is an obvious yes. Single cup brewer would be awesome because I’m drinking mostly decaf right now – baby on board!

  8. Traditional pumpkin, cranberry apple, and pecan chocolate pie!

  9. I’m making pumpkin pie for the first time!

  10. I’m making an apple crumble pie with homemade cinnamon ice cream. I’m also making a carrot cake.

  11. Chocolate pecan bourbon pie with caramel sauce. And coffee (strong) is a must with this pie.

  12. Ana Ribeiro says:

    I’m making a banana peanut butter pie and a pumpkin poke cake. I like coffee with every sweet treat

  13. Stefanie Wolf says:

    I’m making pumpkin pie with a streusel topping, a family tradition. It’s perfect with a cup of coffee!

  14. I’m a chocolate pie gal and I never turn down a cup of coffee :)

  15. I’m making 4 pies. Traditional Appie pie, Spicy pumpkin pie, homemade mincemeat pie and a Rose Levy Beranbaum’s sublime pecan pie tart from her Pie and Pastry bible.

  16. Sweet potato pie and plain old medium roast coffee

  17. Katherine R. says:

    Not making any pies this year but LOVE pie with coffee and LOVE coffee without pie ;)

  18. We have a large family. Lemon Meringue, Cherry, Pumpkin, Apple, & Chocolate Pies AND You can’t eat pie without coffee.

  19. Mom is doing the pie and I am doing an old fashion apple cake. Love coffee with dessert, but also like a strong British blend tea brewed with a cinnamon stick.

  20. We’ll be having apple and cherry!

  21. Pumpkin like my lattes

  22. Lori Merritt says:

    I love Chocolate French Silk Pie—- amazing. I would skip the coffee and just have a big cold glass of milk with my pie. Coffee is good all by itself. :)

  23. Fe Cogley says:

    Hi Y’all, Am making a big bowl of whipped cream. . . to go along w/a pecan and a pumpkin pie . . .and oh, yeah, decaf java, black! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  24. I am in the UK but love your site and will be getting in the spirit of thanksgiving for the first time this year by making my new husband and I pumpkin pie if I can find the pumpkin purée! Love coffee with pie, especially as an afternoon treat!/

  25. Christine says:

    My mom is in charge of pies this year…so I will be eating but not baking pies…I read through what everyone else is making, and Cori’s “chocolate bourbon pumpkin pie” sounds fabulous! I want to make that one! I’m definitely a a – coffee with everything – kinda gal! Thanks for the give-away!

  26. I’m making sweet potato pie – my grandma’s recipe and the only one I’ve ever tried! And YES – give me a piece of pie with a cup of coffee, and I’m a happy camper. :) Happy Thanksgiving Audra!

  27. I love coffee with just about everything. But Apple pie with coffee is my favorite!

  28. I am making pumpkin pie, of course. I enjoy coffee with anything, especially sweets.

  29. Lesa Elrod says:

    Since there will only be two of us this year I am making creme brûlée.

  30. Mini sweet potato pies. More servings than the traditional 9″. I like coffee with my desserts. Black breakfast blend.

  31. I’m making the pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust from your blog!!

  32. Kathy Bumb says:

    I am preparing pumpkin pies as I adore them. They are my favorite pies. I do like coffee with my pie.

  33. I have been assigned appetizers and salad this year, so I’m not baking pie, but my daughter (age 25 ) has offered to make a pecan pie. I’m excited because I think she may have inherited my cooking gene!

  34. I am making pecan pies. I’d rather have a soda with it. No coffee for me!!

  35. Christina says:

    I might try the pecan pie over Christmas with a good cup of unsweetened, black coffee. I love the bold contrast!

  36. Alison H. says:

    I am making a Pecan Pie and a Pumpkin Cheesecake. I definitely love coffee with my pies!

  37. Ginny Alfano says:

    Apple, Pecan and Pumpkin Pie for us! We love coffee with our pie :) . Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Audra!

  38. I’m only making one pie this year…pumpkin! Maybe I’ll try this pie! And yes, I am always a coffee person! Definitely with pie!

  39. Your brown butter apple custard pie is in my oven at the moment. Both the apples and custard are delicious prior to baking (I had to taste it, you know). And I’m baking a french silk pie tomorrow morning for dinner. Happy THanksgiving!

  40. I am looking forward to some pumpkin pie and black coffee with whip cream on both! I am also making a lemon meringue and a triple berry in the dutch oven. Yum! Hope everyone has their fat pants ready! Happy Thanksgiving!

  41. Diana Stephens says:

    I am making a Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pecan Pie and a Mississippi Mud Pie. And yes…always coffee…strong with lots of cream!!!

  42. Ann Marie says:

    Pumpkin and pecan pies for us. Oh and chocolate chip pound cake. Love coffee anytime but especially with pie!

  43. I’ve made two apple, one pumpkin and one cherry-cranberry pie. We are only having 13 people! My family loves pie!

  44. Barbara S. says:

    I’ve made two each of egg custard and pumpkin pies. My sister is making apple and pecan pies. For my son-in-law and dad, I had to make my famous pumpkin bundt cake with pumpkin icing drizzled over it. Then tomorrow on turkey day, I’m making a 5 quart freezer of my homemade apple butter ice cream to use on top of some of the pies or just to eat separately. We’ll also have peanut butter balls and Oreo cookie balls made by my niece. We love our sweets, though I have made sugar-free versions of several of the pies and the ice cream ahead of time for those in the family who are diabetic. It’s going to be a great day! Yes, I love coffee with my pie, though it must be decaf as I suffer from migraines if I have caffeine. The single cup serve would make it so nice for everyone to have the kind and flavors they each prefer!

  45. Your lattice work on pie #2 is outstanding. And yes, I not only drink espresso with pie, but while making pies, too, because this is a task I must be well caffeinated to undertake.

  46. I love coffee with pie! There are several local coffee roasters in Richmond. I could go for a slice of tart cherry right now! Unfortunately there’s no time for me to do Thanksgiving this year, so I’ll be spending it catching up on sleep and finally polishing my nails!

  47. I’m not making any pies but sure do plan on eating some (preferably pecan and/or pumpkin). I do love coffee and pie!

  48. I am going to make a pumpkin pie and a cranberry walnut pie. Yum! I like coffee and pie too. I am a light roast kind of gal though.

  49. I made cranberry cheesecake pies! I do like like coffee and pie!

  50. I am not baking pies this year. I am making 3 turkeys, 2 hams, 1 lasagna, 8 Cornish hens, 12 sides, 8 salads, 5 cranberry dishes, 5 different breads/rolls. Several of my guests are bringing their PieFections. I will definitely be serving coffee with dessert. And yes, I am a “pie with my coffee” girl. I can eat pie for breakfast.

  51. Apple and sweet potato!

  52. Pumpkin pie is a family favorite, so I’ll be making 2.

  53. I’m not baking a pie for Thanksgiving this year, but I did make a S’mores Pie for a work potluck earlier this week. It was delicious and a great excuse to break out my kitchen torch!

  54. We typically do one apple and one pumpkin pie but this year we are cutting back to just one pumpkin. Of course this comes with loads of whipped cream and specialty ice cream.

  55. Heather B says:

    Pumpkin Praline Pie! Yay!

  56. Happy Thanksgiving!! Yes, I enjoy a great cup of coffee with my pie, that being said I enjoy pie PERIOD! I’ve been blessed with a wonderful mom-in-law and pie-maker, where I’ve learned so much. She makes the best crust I’ve ever had, and I’ve loved trying to do as well as she does for 30 years now. I love Pumpkin and Coconut Cream, my husband Pecan and My Chocolate Chip Pie and my boys , well they love them. Truth be told we haven’t met pie we didn’t like.. lol.

  57. Have been adapting your recipes to be GF for my daughter and nephew, Salted Caramel apple crisp was fantastic with homemade cinnamon ice cream. Also made your Blueberry Muffin coffee cake GF with orange and cranberries – perfect.

  58. Made an apple crisp that my nieces requested. It was delicious. I only drink my coffee in the morning or else I would be up all night :)

  59. Just regular pumpkin pie! I’m still new to the pie making so I haven’t been able to take risks yet. And yes to coffee! Unless I want to sleep right after dinner (like yesterday).

  60. I made a classic pumpkin pie and a caramel pecan cheesecake!!! I don’t usually have coffee with my pie…but I have it with almost everything else ;)

  61. My husband and daughter make pumpkin pies, I make breads. I’m not a coffee & pie kind of person because I don’t care for coffee.

  62. Pumpkin Pie – but with Tea!

  63. I made your deep dish sour cream apple pie which was amazing!!! Also a traditional pumpkin and pecan pie for my sweet hubby. :)

  64. We Made apple pie and pumpkin pie on thanksgiving. Along with a few sugar free brownies for my dad who can’t eat pie. Ahaha.

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