Style Me Pretty!

 Style Me Pretty! via The Baker Chick

Hey guys! A quick Tuesday post to serve as a bulletein on a couple things.

1- If you didn’t get my posts on facebook, instagram and twitter- here’s the link to my wedding being featured on Style Me Pretty! I was so excited/honored to be featured on my favorite wedding blog.

2- It seems as if the big blog switch messed up the RSS feeds for some of you. If you haven’t been getting my posts in your Google reader- you may need to re-subscribe here.


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 Style Me Pretty! via The Baker Chick  Style Me Pretty! via The Baker Chick  Style Me Pretty! via The Baker Chick

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  1. THEA says

    Absolutely beautiful wedding photos! I will forward to my children’s friends that are getting married! Love your recipes, and so fun to see a glimpse of what makes you so special and who you are!


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