13 weeks!


I’ve been having my sisters take weekly belly pics since 9 weeks in the same dress in the same spot thinking I’d do one of those cute Pintrest collages at the end showing my progress. Here’s 13 weeks! I feel like I’m growing quite a bit these days!

Man oh man do I feel like a whole new woman this week! My energy has been through the roof and any sluggishness I’ve been feeling I’m blaming on the heat wave we’ve been hit with. Lucky for me tomorrow Andy and I are going to Milwaukee to visit my parents where it’s supposed to be a balmy 73 degrees! Woohoo!

We had a sonogram this week and seeing that real looking baby on the screen has really helped me to connect with it all. I’ve wanted to me a Mama pretty much my entire life, but I’ve been feeling major denial at times that it’s actually happening. I’m sure that will change as my belly starts to grow and I get to feel some kicks!image-11

I don’t know if I’ll give these updates weekly, but I’ll do them here and there or when I have something exciting to share/ask. I hope you guys don’t find that too annoying! :)

Oh PS- Here is some proof of my obsession with being a Mom since a young age. Here is a screen shot of my diary from age 15. Yup- I definitely wrote a letter to my unborn children (all 4 of them apparently,) which I signed, “Love, Audra (Mom)” I really was a dorky kid! And just so you know I showed this diary entry to Andy about one month in, and when he didn’t run for the hills I knew he was a keeper. :)



  1. This is so sweet! I absolutely love the letters. And you are looking amazing!! I can’t wait to follow along. xoxo

  2. Oh my word, so excited for you! You look beautiful. And the journals crack me up. I wrote a few letters to my husband (before we met) when I was 13 or 14, and the first entry starts, “if you’re reading this, I’ve chosen you.” Uh, creep city. Anyway, the husband eventually read them and still loved me, too. Whew.

    1. Thanks Lauren! I hope you are staying comfy in this heat! I can’t imagine being any more uncomfortable than I already am!. Good luck with your next few weeks!

  3. Awww :) That’s cute. And you’re a totally beautiful pregnant woman. I got my energy back at the beginning of the 2nd trimester too – enjoy these three months!

  4. I love how you are sharing with us your progress! You are so beautiful…and even more so with your prego belly! Love the diary…I was the same way! I got my three children, just as I predicted. Although, none of them are girls. I thought I’d have at least one! But now, I’ll just wait for granddaughters!

    1. Aw thanks Gloria. I wrote letters to each of my “4 kids” but I have no idea if that will actually happen!! :)

  5. I love seeing these photos! And that is ADORABLE you wrote letters to your unborn kids. But what disturbs me most is how awesome your handwriting was at that age! :) I’ve wanted to be a mom for forever, too. I tried to convince my parents to have another baby so I could take care of him/her when I was 8. It didn’t work :(

    That sonogram picture is so precious. I think the kicking part sounds the most exciting too! So jealous!

  6. You are glowing! I love that you still have your diary. I don’t know what happened with mine but I imagine it tells alot of tales of heartbreak haha. Can’t wait to see your collage at the end!

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous Audra, I’m so happy for you :) And that letter to your unborn kids is a keeper – how funny that you still have those diaries from way back in the day!

  8. Awww. The letters are cute :) My cousin did the same thing, taking weekly photos. It’s amazing how much a stomach can grow in just a few short weeks! I think the pictures would make an awesome flip book, especially if you do all the photos in the same dress.

  9. How nice that you are sharing your “mommy” experience with us. Congratulations. Being a mom is the most wonderful gift. As they say, your life WILL change and never be the same again. My children are all grown now but they continue to bring me joy every day. Blessings to you and yours!

  10. Audra – You are the most beautiful pregnant woman – ever. Your bump looks so touchable. Your baby is one lucky kid!

  11. Along the lines of the letter you wrote to your children when you were 15. When I got pregnant with each of my children, I started a pretty cloth covered journal (each a different color as I had three children) and wrote to them. I kept this up until they were teenagers or older and gave it to them as presents or as a way to show them all the things that I thought about them as they grew. The journals had things in it like, first steps, first days of school, general observations, etc… I wrote in the journal a letter to the child the journal belonged to, always trying to capture the awe and love that I felt for them at the time. At the right time in their life, I gave it to them. A book about them so to speak. You might consider it. :)

  12. What a beautiful photo! You will be so happy you did this! My kids are in their teens and twenties now, yikes, and I took photos with the first in a bikini. Don’t think I ever showed anyone, but it was fun to see the changes! I also recorded the heart beat each visit, I didn’t realize the staff thought my husband was in the military and I was sending the recordings! I just did it for my husband, I and our future baby. It will be fun to travel this road with you! Love your letters to your kids, you are already a wonderful mommy!

  13. Congrats on the baby! Tonight I made your 90 minute cinnamon buns for a party. They are so good even though I had 2 disasters when trying to brown the butter.

  14. Aww you are so cute! And I LOVE these weekly updates so feel free to share!!!
    So good that you have so much energy….although I can see as how this week has been pretty stifling!

  15. You look STUNNING! Love your blog and every recipe I’ve made from it!

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