25 things about Me.


Oh my Lordy did I have an amazing feast Thursday. So much so that I really still can’t bear to think or look at any food right now….. unless it’s negative food like celery……yeah that would be OK. Anyway- my Thanksgiving was wonderful (11-0 Packers what?) and I hope yours was too.

So, no new recipe for you today I’m sorry to say. I’m working on something for Monday, but in the mean time I thought I’d take this chance to share some random and possibly totally meaningless facts about myself with you. I saw this on a couple other blogs and I thought it was cute. I actually loved when this became a “thing” on facebook because I love reading everyones info. Can this be a thing on the blog world? It’s amazing how little I actually know about some of the bloggers that I follow so regularly. So here’s your chance.

Ok- onto the Facts:
25 Things about Audra:

1. I have an absurd memory. Especially about things involving numbers. If you have ever told me your birthday or if I ever saw it written down I guarantee I know it.

2. I knew I wanted to act when I was 8 and saw Christina Ricci in the movie Casper. I know this because I just read my old diary entry from 3rd grade.

3. I went through a major lion phase in Middle school. So much so, that I actually had a collage of lion pictures on my wall- and I used to sign my diary entries “Love and Lions- Audra.” Yup.

4. I once started a business with a sister or two and neighborhood friend that involved making custom made pillows(?)…we made fliers and put then in mailboxes around our street. Then the police told us we weren’t allowed to do that and shut us down.

5. I wish I were a really good dancer.

6. When I’m at home baking, I like to pretend I’m on a cooking show and speak aloud the instructions.

7. I like taking care of people.

8. Sometimes I just want to pick up and get on a plane somewhere without telling anyone where I’m going.

9. I absoultey HATE cilantro!

10. A Leauge of Their Own is one of my favorite movies and I know it all by heart.

11. My first word was “Beat It”

12. If I weren’t pursuing Acting I would like to be a teacher. Or maybe a party planner

13. When I was 12 or so I sprained my wrist by running my bike into a parked car. Yeah it wasn’t even moving.

14. I used to be embarassed that my middle name is Edward so I told everyone it was Emily.

15. I used to be obsessed with Full House and my Sisters and I actually wrote the producers a letter explaining why we needed to be on the show. Then I went to school and told all my friends that it was happening.

16. I am a seriously girly girl BUT am in love with football and poker.

17. I got my first job when I was 14. It was Kopps Frozen Custard and they used to withdraw an mistakes from my paycheck. I was too scared to quit so I had my Aunt call and do it for me.

18. In middle school my friend Shannon and I wrote a book. It was about 200 pages long and it was called “My Point of View.” We never finished it though…and then kind of grew apart. And then that computer crashed and I totally lost it. Sad.

19. I have always been scared of needles.

20. I would like to spend much more time of my life on the beach with a good book.

21. I am a ridiculously fast reader.- like seriously speed reading. Good but also I always miss things.

22. I still remember every audition dance from musicals in college. (even though I don’t dance and never made one…)

23. I never used to like running but then randomly got hooked last year and ran two. Marathon next.

24. Seared scallops are probably my favorite thing ever.

25. I have baby fever.

I want to read 25 things about YOU now!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you Monday. xo


  1. Go Packers! And too funny you worked at Kopps and they made you pay for your mistakes. Do you think they still make the kids do that??

  2. Edward? What’s the story there? When I was 9 or so, I started a local paper with my neighbor. We gave up as soon as we figured out typewriting all of those copies would take like…forever.

  3. There’s no crying in baseball! LOVE that movie! I also love poker, too! When my sisters get together….my dad break out the chips (he has a huge set of regulations) and we play all night! What a fun time!

  4. I like these “25 facts about…” posts, even if I haven’t already been curious about the person who writes them :)
    So you have a boy’s middle name? My first name is Teje, and NOBODY else is called the same (ok, I think we’re about 5 in Norway now, but still). But there is a rather common boys’ name, Terje, and people always mix them up. I still get a lot of “hello mister, moooahahah”, and when we moved in to our house the neighbours thought my husband was gay…

  5. I actually shouted out loud when I read your fact about hating cilantro. I call it my Kryptonite!! I always wince when I watch a cooking show and they say add cilantro. My mind always says… no I will not being doing that. : ) I also had to laugh at you mentioning when you cook you feel like you’re on a cooking show. I have to admit, I’ve done that too sometimes. Of course, I get away from it because I pretend I’m just talking to my kids. LOL! What a great post. Nice to get to know you. : )

  6. Really cute, Audra! I’ve seen this going around, too, and think I’ll write a post about it this week.

    Funny about the middle name thing – that’s so Arab :) I have one of those named-after-father-middle-names too.

    PS – I’m having a little get together with girlfriends and I think I’ll make your engagement cupcakes. I just got back from vaca with a ring, too :)

  7. I recently found your blog in a roundabout way through the cinnamon-roll-muffin recipe (which my fiance loved!). I had to comment on this post because my dad, who grew up near Beloit, also worked his first job at Kopp’s Frozen Custard — Home of the Original Jumbo Burger, as he always says. :) Thanks for sharing! I adore your recipes!

  8. So, it’s 2:40 a.m. local time, and I’m in determined search for blogs to read that are funny and written about food. Have I hit the jackpot? don’t tease me. let me know.

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