3 months ago… (Wedding pics!)

I hope all of your Thanksgivings were wonderfully gluttonous and that you were able to spend the day with those you love the most. I stayed here in New York and celebrated with my sisters,  some friends and of course the husband! Speaking of my darling husband, I’m excited to finally share some wedding photos with you. I am so thrilled with the wonderful work done by the guys at Valo Photography, they couldn’t have captured the day more perfectly. Enjoy a peak at some of my favorite shots from the day!

Those last few pics are from one of my favorite moments of the whole day. Andy surprised me with the most beautiful rendition of “Wild Horses” and it took my breath away. He is an amazing singer and yet never really shares his talents. (He’s a bit shy like that.) Getting to hear him sing in front of all my friends and family was pretty special. Thanks for letting me share these with you! xo

To answer some of your questions:
Our ceremony and reception were at the historic Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee. (my hometown.)
My dress was Allure Bridal.
The bridesmaids dresses came from this etsy shop.
The robes came from this etsy shop.


  1. those photos are heavenly and i love your dress!


  2. Christine says:

    So beautiful and love your dress! Looks like it was a magical day :)

  3. Your pictures are amazing, it looks like you had a magical day. x

  4. What a gorgeous wedding – right down to every last detail! You look stunning! Thanks for sharing these :)

  5. Wow Audra, such beautiful photos, thanks so much for sharing them with us! (To be honest I could spend much longer staring at your beautiful weddings pics, so I wouldn’t mind if you decided to share more ;-) And oh my, that song is beautiful and especially hearing your husband sing it to you, no wonder you teared up. Congratulations and wishing you lots of happiness!!

  6. Ok normally I look at wedding pics and think ‘ok big deal, boring, overdone, and the photos kinda suck…’ ha well, OMG these are BEAUTIFUL, so much so, in fact, they make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. looks like an amazing time bringing two people together. LOVE IT, beautiful dress, just stunning.

  7. Omigosh!! These are gorgeous!! What a beautiful bride you were. Your wedding was gorgeous. Luv!

  8. Gorgeous photos. All your bridesmaids are stunning, wow. Thanks so much for sharing these moments. I love all the personal, unique touches. Well done!

  9. BakerMomma says:

    Such sweet memories!

  10. Thanks for the peek into your beautiful wedding. Love the color palette and all the wonderful touches like the soaps and the picks that say Yeh in them. You had a wonderful photographer, the pictures look like something out of a fashion magazine,

  11. Those are great pictures! You’re gorgeous! And I love that he sang a song for you, that’s the sweetest.

  12. diana abaroa says:

    Beautiful pictures, your wedding looks like a dream, I loved your dress, makeup and hair, you looked stunning!!! Thanks for sharing this very special moment, and I wish you always be happy and loved !! :)

  13. Khampton1031 says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  14. Thank you so much! I have 4 sisters- they are in the close up pic of the 5 of us. :)

  15. realistic nutritionist says:

    OH MY GOODD your wedding was PERFECTION!!!

  16. You looks so beautiful. And the pictures are absolutely stunning. It looks like you had a really beautiful and memorable wedding.

  17. I just posted my wedding pics too!! :) Yours came out so so amazing. You look beautiful. And I love that your husband sang you a song. Men + guitars = sexy ;)

  18. Bonnie Harkey says:

    Such a beautiful and customized wedding! I especially love all the personal touches you added that reflect who you and your husband are! You can tell you are both so in love and you radiate goodness–both of you! May your life together be wonderful and filled with happiness, growth and joy!! Thank you for sharing a little of your special day with us!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous!! Everything is so perfect and beautiful. You look so happy and stunning. I hope it was the perfect day for you two!

  20. Jessiebarn says:

    I got married a few days after you! You were stunning. Your dress the flowers everything. It reminds me if my wedding, same color schemes. I love your blog! I’m making your gingerbread cookies today!

  21. Congrats to you as well then!! Thanks so much for the sweet message! :)

  22. Wedding dream come true!

  23. Wow these are so beautiful! I love the colors of the bridesmaid dresses and you are so beautiful. I just found your blog off a link from Annie’s Eats and I am now dying to try your cinnamon roll pancakes!

  24. What a beautiful dress! Lovely photos, they give me a lot of inspiration for my own wedding in the fall. The venue looks really awesome too.

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