38 weeks and counting!

belly sillouette

I can’t even believe the end is almost here! I’m not one to take due dates too seriously as I know full well that babies can really come anytime between 37-42 weeks, and I’m letting my little guy show up when he’s ready. That being said- every day that I get closer to my due date makes me a bit more anxious/excited/shocked that it’s all really happening and that I’m actually going to be giving birth very soon. I’m still not scared- but it’s definitely sinking in- I’m about to do something really really hard.

I’ve been a nesting maven since the holidays and I’m feeling pretty good about the state of our apartment. I’m pretty sure we have all the stuff we need (pending a couple online purchases due to arrive any day,) and I’ve officially cleaned and vacuumed the heck out of everything. My freezer is unfortunately totally void of any frozen meals, but I’m banking on our Moms to help with that when they visit! (Right Moms?) The frigid cold weather lately is making it hard for me to do much besides work on the blog, clean and nap. (If you happen to have some easy meals that can be frozen- feel free to pass any suggestions my way!)


Other things- after 8 months of easy breezy no complaints pregnancy- I’m starting to understand why people sometimes get excited for it to be over.  Stuff is happening to my pelvis which results in lots of pain when I move from one place to another or even try to walk. It’s all normal stuff I’m sure and it seems to get better as the day goes along which is good. (And also a good sign that baby boy is moving down and getting ready.)

Besides that- I guess it’s time to enjoy the quiet, the ability to take a 3 hour nap in the afternoon, and my new favorite nighttime activity- playing cards with Andy before bed. I’m sure we’ll be too tired for that soon enough- and I’m doing my best to savor each special moment of just me, where I get to do what feels best and suits my own needs. Soon my needs will be second (and I’m actually  Ok with that.) It sure is a strange feeling to be between two worlds in a way- one foot in my life as I’ve known it, and the other in a life I’m just about to begin.

Maybe I’ll have time for another update- maybe not- it depends on when you decide to show up little man!! (My guess is around January 27th!) Any last tips/suggestions/words of wisdom as I try to enjoy my last few weeks being pregnant?


  1. Hello! Firstly I wanted to say that I love your blog :) I always intend to try your recipes but I never get a chance with an almost 1 year old daughter. I had my baby on the 23rd of Jan 2013, so our bubs will be almost exactly a year apart. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with the birth of your boy. You are right, life will never be the same. But in a wonderful way! My baby was a serious feeder, she would just sit on the boob alllllllllllll day. It drove me near mad at first, frustrated at just having to sit. My advice to you is to just embrace these peaceful lovely moment because before you know it he will be wriggling, rolling, crawling, pinching you, biting you…haha! Those blissful long newborn feeding sessions are amazing. Just stock up on good TV, movies and books :)

      1. You’re welcome! Oh and my daughter arrived in the middle of the night at 37 weeks. I was so unprepared! No frozen meals… not even a car seat! Get cooking and freezing. You will be super glad you did. Luckily my wonderful Mother in law arrived on my doorstep each Tuesday with groceries, cooked up a storm and stocked my freezer. She did lots of beef pies (we mainly eat savoury pies in Australia), quiches, pasta sauce etc. Was a life saver!

  2. Yay Audra! Looking beautiful! Good luck in the final stretch! Where have you gotten all of your cute pregnancy clothes??

    1. Thanks Rachel! The dress in the first picture is Old Navy and the sweater in the second one is from Gap. I got almost all my maternity stuff from there :)

  3. Yeah Audra! You look so happy and beautiful. Ruthie and I love to boil up a load of vegetables at the beginning of week, throwing in some spices, making soup. Once it’s blended up we keep it in the fridge in meal-size containers and BOOM! Ready made super heathy lunches for at least a couple of days during the week. Well, 99% healthy, 1% blob of créme freche on top.

  4. Would LOVE for you to have the baby on the 27th,that’s Greg’s 27th Birthday! You are right, he will come when he’s good and ready and we can’t wait to meet him. Enjoy this time for yourself and Andy. Keep taking those naps and short walks will help too. Don’t worry too much about loading up the freezer, I’m sure between family and friends you will have more than enough. Looking beautiful Audra!

    1. Wouldn’t that be something if the oldest and youngest grandsons had the same birthday? (Assuming I don’t have any more boys.) I can’t wait for you to meet him Aunty Julie! :)

  5. Happy 2014, Audra doll!
    Jan 27th is our wedding anniversary. So it’s a very happy day to me. Hope your li’l guy is born on the 27th!
    You look so cute with your belly.
    Katie from Yes, I Want Cake is also 38 wks pregnant w a boy. :)
    Wishing you the very best. xoxo

  6. Hi Audra-I dont know if i’ve officially introduced myself or not. my mom, debbie, delivered your sisters and your mom helped deliver my last baby at home :) the foods i loved having in my freezer during my postpartum were minestrone soup, potato corn chowder, chicken pot pie, lentil soup (with spinach or kale), indian split pea soup and the list goes on… I have a great cook book called fresh from the vegetarian slow cooker and most of the meals can be prepped ahead of time and frozen for future use. i could probably send it out with your mom when she comes when its time for baby. best of luck to you with the rest of your pregnancy and your labor and birth experience. i dont know how i could have bade it though without having your mother’s love and support. she was a second mother to me the entire time. sending my best, and most positive labor and healthy mom and baby juju all the way from wisconsin <3 jenissee

    1. Hi Jenissee! Of course I know who you are :) My Mom has been asking your Mom questions for me from the beginning when I didn’t want to bother my own midwife ;)

      Those soups all sound amazing. I really should be utilizing my slow cooker now. I should order that cookbook!

      Thank you for all your well wishes! :)

      1. Audra-

        Please let me send you a care package of the recipe book along with my favorite recipes and the best ever lactation cookies that do wonders to help with your breast milk supply. its the least i could do for you given that your mom was so wonderful and loving to me. i am taking a hiatus from obtaining my nursing degree, while raising my children, working on my doula certification and am in the early stages of planning my wedding, so this is something i would love to do for you and i certainly have the time on my hands. if you are comfortable, please email me your mailing address and i can have a care package sent out to you :) my email address is [email protected] all my best, jenissee

  7. You are looking fabulous, girl! My favorite freezer meals are stir fries – quick, easy, and pretty healthy. I’m thinking you might be wanting all of those things in a few weeks :) Also I’m positive that brownies freeze well ;)

  8. Dear Audra,
    I was introduced to your website this summer by my “baker chick” sister, and I’ve been following you, your recipes, and your pregnancy ever since. I must first say thank you for all of the wonderful sweet, and occasional savory, recipes you post. I have yet to be disappointed. After reading your latest post as a 38 week pregnant woman, I want to send my well wishes and congratulations. My daughter arrived at 38 weeks, 16 months ago, and my life hasn’t been the same since. You seem like you have a wonderful perspective on labor, motherhood, and parenting all-together. Good luck and enjoy each moment as they come, some may be harder to enjoy, but all are surely an experience. Go with the flow! Take deep breaths! and enjoy your final days with your husband, your sleep, and some quiet.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words Katie- Whenever I heard of someone who had their baby at 38 weeks I get a little panicky- how can this be happening so soon! ;)

  9. I love your blog, and watching your adventures in life. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us! You look fantastic, and are doing everything right. One thing I find easy to help me in prepping last minute or quick and easy foods, is to pre-cook chicken (or other protein) with various seasonings and freeze it in 2-4 portion containers. Then I can grab the chicken, saute or broil some veggies, drop some pasta (or another starch), and we’re good to go. My dad recently moved in with me, and I often need food quick so I also picked up a cook book for recipes to freeze well; the recipes make two “batches” so you eat one now, and freeze the other for later. Good luck with your delivery. I join everyone else in wishing you the best, and look forward to meeting your little angel.

  10. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos, Audra!
    As a childbirth doula, I like to give these words of advice and encouragement: When you start early labor, REST! Let Andy get as much rest as possible too so that he can provide you with the best support. Don’t fight what your body is doing–even when it hurts! Your body knows what to do. Surround yourself with great support, and don’t be afraid to ask your husband/birth attendants to send out anyone whose presence is making you uncomfortable. Make sure you breathe between pushes; you are sending oxygen to your baby and letting yourself open slowly.
    So excited for you, Audra!!

    1. Wonderful advice Charlotte- it’s actually exactly what our midwife said. (She actually told me to have a glass or two of wine if early labor starts before bed and then to just try to sleep!)

      I really appreciate the positive words of encouragement and thoughts! I’m getting so excited :)

  11. You look so beautiful. :) Your baby boy will be so lucky to have a mom like you.

  12. Girl, you are all bump and looking fabulous as ever! I’m so excited for the baby to come! I wish we lived near each other so I could cook some meals for you when the baby is born! If you need anything that can be delivered, let me know! <3

  13. You have an adorable bump going on. And you will do wonderfully. It’s so hard to wait for that baby to come on into this world. But just so you know, time will come that there will be ‘you’ time again. My second little guy turns one next week (crazy!), and I actually had time to make those lovely lemon brownies yesterday with my 2 year old. (They were dang awesome, by the way!)

  14. Can’t wait to cook, clean, rub feet, do whatever you need so you, Andy and baby boy can snuggle in together. He’s almost here!

  15. So close now, Audra, how exciting!

    I’ve had a lot of new moms in my life lately (lucky me, so much time to play auntie!) and to each of them I’ve prepared some really simple meals that freeze well: pumpkin bread (pre-sliced so mama can take out a piece at a time if she wants), a big lasagne split up and frozen into portions for two, pumpkin soup which freezes like a gem, bolognese with lots of veggies like zucchini and mushrooms (great energy for breastfeeding, I’m told).

    Your little guy will be lucky to have such a sweet and creative mom looking after him. Can’t wait to meet him and wishing you the very best for a smooth and happy delivery x

    1. Thanks darlin- you are so very sweet. I really appreciate those food suggestions. I have lots of cooking to do this week!

  16. The best advice I got while delivering #7 was to lay on my left side as much as I could while in labor. I forget now why but I believe it did speed up my labor which still only took about 2 hours. Placing a pillow between your knees will help equalize your body and help make you a little more comfortable. I delivered six children naturally, no pain meds. The first two I had an empidural. What helped me deliver naturally was using mind over matter. I told myself each pain was opening me up and Id see my baby soon so I relished it and used total relaxation from my waist down. That might sound hard but once youre into it, you can do it. The most important thing is to try and stay totally relaxed and let your body do its work. Dont fret over the pain, its a means to an end. Good luck, youll do great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Woah Beth you are a super Mama rockstar! I really appreciate your advice. Planning to go natural so I’m going to have to find the strength somewhere in my mind! :)

  17. Audra, you are stunning! Saw photos of your sisters you’ve posted and they are all so beautiful, mom too! You are so blessed to feel and have your house ready! I think that is such a great start to being a new mom, is being relaxed! Journal your naps now…that’s what I thought the first few wks when you don’t get enough sleep! All three of my kids came 2 wks early, worked all those days, since they weren’t coming for weeks! With each one I had planned to take one or two wks off before the due date-it never happened! You can handle anything! You even moved apts when pregnant! Mine are all in their 20’s now, youngest leaves to study abroad in France next wk!
    Food ideas that may help you include freezing pasta sauces including pesto in baggies, freezing soups, freezing cubed cooked chicken in baggies to add to salads, soups, casseroles & pizzas help a lot. Oh, and you know my love for your gingerbread blondies (I add macadamias), those freeze extremely well!
    Let friends bring over food, you deserve to be pampered and loved and taken care of when that baby comes! Don’t feel like you have to visit with everyone that comes over, friends will understand! Have Andy or your mom be the watchdog for awhile! Most of all, my prayers and good wishes for a smooth, beautiful, memory making birth! Enjoy every minute! Would love to send you a little gift and a few recipes, what address should I use?

    1. Hi Thea- Thank you so very much for your very kind comment. I am trying to savor every moment of napping I possibly can.

      Thank you for the food suggestions- lots of wonderful ideas :)

  18. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your growing family! I just found your beautiful blog, and though new here I will be crossing my fingers that your labor goes well! It’s a wonderful thing to be a mamma- I have a 2 and 7 year old, and they are truly the joys (and sometimes challenges!) in my life!

  19. Audra, best wishes to you through this wonderful journey of motherhood. I have just a few words of advice. Enjoy your child, they grow up so fast. When your child is born…try not to pass him around. Discourage people touching his hands especially little children. Do not talk “baby” talk to your little boy. As a preschool teacher doing that will hinder his speech. I am very happy for you! Take care! Pat B

  20. Okay, I am a tad behind as you posted baby update last week but I need to put I my two cents :). Chlorophyll !!!! I totally recommend it. I used it with my third child, recommended by my midwife, and had the most amazing postpartum. You take 2 tablespoons mixed with a full glass of water. I drank it within an hour after birth and with every meal…it’s amazing how it helps your body!, also, Bulkherbstore.com, mamas milk tea or the new mama kit. The tea is amazing and the evens salve for baby’s bottom. All organic. The tea has red raspberry to strengthen the uterus and help it clamp down, dandelion to help aid in safe natural detoxing ( which the body partly does after birth anyway) fennel to help bring milk supply. Best of wishes…so excited for you. Oh also, freezer meals are great for when no one is around to help you, so after the mamas leave. And I always crave fresh veggies after birth for the first month…especially greens. Don’t be afraid to stock up at the store when in early labor.

    1. Thank you for all the wonderful advice! I haven’t heard of taking chlorophyll postpartum but I’m gonna ask my midwife about it! :)

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