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If you follow me on Instagram or know me in real life you are probably aware of my obsession with Sakura Bloom baby slings. I get asked about them all the time and proudly have inspired so many friends to try them out and get more excited about baby-wearing. I really rely on the ease of these slings to get around my neighborhood in New York. I can pop Hugo in, run an errand, jump on the subway, pop him out to play, and back in again. (And no- I am not getting paid to write this nor is this a sponsored post. I just really really love this brand.)

Anyway- Sakura Bloom has something called the Sling Diaries and they are casting the next season. This is my “audition” and the photos that my sister Nadia took of us around my neighborhood documenting our daily jaunts. Whether or not I get chosen, I really want to share my love of these slings with you and the work I put into this. Babywearing is the best!


I’m not sure there’s a better alarm clock in the world than my sweet baby strumming my lips like a guitar. It wakes me up slowly, and when I open my eyes to see that sweet child, groggy-eyed and messy-haired, I can’t possibly be angry that it’s 6:30 AM.
This is how our days usually start. A slow crawl out of bed, an immediate trip to the coffee maker, some books and toys on the floor while I curl up in the arm chair, and watch my silly baby babble to his teddy bear and pick up his blocks and hold them to his ear like a phone.
 Sling Diaries3
Our life in the city is never regimented and planned, and I’m not one of those mothers that has ever worked on a schedule. We just have to roll with it. Today, he “helps me” make pancakes for breakfast, we get ourselves dressed and bundled, and head out onto our neighborhood streets to see what the day will bring. My curious boy cranes his neck to peer over my shoulder and wave at the woman walking her dog. Then he buries his face in my chest and sighs, warming my heart even on this frigid day.
My little one cuddles his hand into the nook of my arm as we make the morning rounds, library, coffee shop, and a stop for a smoothie at our favorite place. Today we work on sharing, mostly him sharing the straw with me as he gulps the whole thing down! ;) Out the door, we head back into the cold.  A subway ride here, bus there, we’re hopping around until the day wears on us both. I close my eyes as I rock him to sleep for his nap, dozing off myself- choosing to make a memory of how he feels in my arms and letting him sleep like this, forgoing the dishes, laundry and sweeping.
The city is busy but I have learned as a mother the importance of just taking it slow, taking it all in. I know this precious phase will pass me by more quickly than I can imagine and that truly breaks my heart. Every day we’re on to the next sweet habit…today I taught him how to clasp his hands in prayer and nod when I say “Namaste!” What will tomorrow bring?
I’m grateful for the moments I have to hold him. He is running out of my arms more and more- pushing me away to play and explore. When the day finally ends I linger in the rocking chair, waiting just 10 minutes more before lying him down, missing him already. I have found my dreamiest dream job. Being a mother is everything in the world. <3
Photos by: Nadia Quinn


  1. Audra, I just love you. You are such an example to so many. In this crazy world where motherhood is often demeaned and being just a mom is regarded as something less than admirable, I appreciate the value that you place upon this sacred and holy calling. I am a mother of four, and a grandmother I five. Nothing in my life has brought me more for fulfillment than raising my children and and now watching my oldest two children start their families. Thank you for this reminder to make memories while we hold these precious babies, who grow up way too quickly, in her arms. You are so much more than an incredible Baker, you are beautiful person inside and out. Good luck in all you do :-)

  2. Hi Audra – I sure do hope you get chosen for the next season of Sakura Bloom’s “Sling Diaries.” Even though I don’t know you, I’ve always admired your dedication and pride in your family, your Baker Chick blog, and the products you use. You are not one to rave about something unless it’s a real “winner”. I wish you all the luck with your audition. You, your sister, and Hugo did an outstanding job – she with her photography, you with your words, and Hugo being his fun, adorable self. A wonderful collaborative effort! Thank you for sharing this with all of us :).

  3. There is such beauty in love of family and cherishing moments. And your strength and humor and love of sharing yourself through your recipes shows the world that you honor and value those moments. But it is your inner beauty that overflows into making your exquisite recipes into true masterpieces. Thank you for being you.
    I once read,”The most beautiful necklace a mother can wear is not gold or gems,but her child’s arms around her neck.”

  4. I loved looking at these photos and reading your post!!! It made me smile widely, with fond memories of carrying my two babies – from newborn to toddler – in slings and backpacks (I didn’t even own a pram). It was one of the great joys of motherhood. Practical of course. But for me so much more. It was the closeness and bond that felt so right at a deep level. Thank you Audra, for rekindling these memories for me by witnessing your own joy.

  5. I wore my 2 kids when they were little. I loved the closeness and ease of getting around. We even got pretty good at nursing while walking. I remember the startled looks we would get when they were really small and would poke a hand out because the wrap looked like a scarf and if they were quiet and not squirming no one could really tell I was wearing a baby. I didn’t want the closeness to end so I nursed at bedtime until they were both almost 3 years old. Having that close bond is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. We made the decision that I could be a stay at home mom and I have never regretted the choices we made to make that possible. Enjoy your time with Hugo, the time does go so fast.

  6. Audra,
    What beautiful photos of you and Hugo! I am hoping you get chosen as well for the Sling Diaries. You love their products and have so many beautiful Sakura Bloom Slings, makes me jealous as they didn’t have those twenty years ago. I am thrilled that you love being a mommy so much, it’s the best profession in the world! Thank you for opening up your kitchen to us with all the delicious recipes you share and for giving us a glimpse of your sweet family! It sure is fun watching Hugo get bigger!

  7. Hi Audra! I was wondering which baby sling you prefer? I went on the Sakura Bloom site and they have so many different ring slings. Reading your posts is making me so excited to baby wear!

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