A New Year- a fresh start.

Are you the resolution type? I generally am. I mean- I love making goals to work towards all year round, but a new fresh year just feels like a good time to clean out the old and bring in new things I’ve been hoping to do, be or try.  2012 felt like the year of the wedding and I really can’t think of much else that drove me forward. I’d love 2013 to be one of trying new things, honing my skills and creating memories with my loved ones.

I’m not the type to resolve to “go to the gym” or “eat better” because those are things I’m always trying to do, and crash diets and over-the-top work out plans never work for me. As cliche as it sounds, I’m best with “moderation,” it works I tell ya!

Anyway- here are the things I want to work towards this year:

1- Travel more. (Helps that we’re already going to Paris/Italy in March which has been a dream for as long as I can remember. I’m planning on taking a baking class while in Paris and can’t decide between macarons or crossoints. What do you think? I’ll be doing a post about whichever one I take.)

2- Stop comparing. I’m never going to be anyone else and as much as I want to be more stylish, a better photographer, or more like “this” or “that” person/blogger/friend- I just have to accept.

3- Master the Macaron! (This should be easy if I end up taking a macaron class in Paris!)

4- Accept that some days will be lazy. I generally feel guilty doing nothing- what’s the point?

5- Cook more. I’m baking all the time, but sometimes that means we have sweets in the house but nothing to eat. Andy & I will both be happier if we have healthy homemade food. It’s gonna happen!

6- Take advantage of NYC– I’ve been here 7 years and have barely scratched the surface. I know I won’t live in the city forever, so enjoying all the treasures really should happen now or never. I hope to integrate NYC into the blog more with posts about restaurants, hidden finds and tips.

7- Yoga– Not because I want to “get into shape” but more because when I’m practicing yoga I’m so much happier in every way. I just need to get my butt to class!

Any goals of yourselves? xoxo

PS- I’m not sure why I chose this particular photo for this post- but it was one of the few moments in my Christmas trip to Wisconsin I wasn’t sick on the couch. My sister Ameara snapped it, and she caught me doing my favorite, most relaxing thing. (One that I’ll be doing lots of this year for sure!)


  1. I think you should take the macaron class, especially since one of your New Years Resolutions is to master it. Not many bakers can make a great macaron ;)

  2. That’s funny! I cook all of the time and actually want to bake more! And I couldn’t agree more on trying to stop comparing or accepting that some days will be lazy. I also want to become more comfortable saying “no” to projects to make time for myself. I will continue belly dancing and become comfortable enough in my own skin to perform this year. I will submit some of our home brew to competition. And I will make more hats this year. Not for work, or a commission, but just because I can. Enjoy Paris and Rome! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  3. I want to fill my freezer again. Once upon a time we had a freezer full of wonderful home cooked microwave meals. I don’t have time to cook every night and too much processed food makes me sick, but finding time to cook and fill the freezer has been difficult. Sometimes I’ll cook a huge meal just to freeze the leftovers, but they don’t last long.

    I also want to get in shape and make my apartment… well, presentable at least, lol. This is something I’ve been struggling with for a while. They don’t seem to be linked, but I used to be able to pull 12 hour days at work/school and then still clean the apartment top to bottom and cook when I got home. After experiencing some health problems, I got used to not having to do anything, and it got to the point where even a few loads of laundry would leave me exhausted. I started by forcing myself to walk everywhere this last year (which is something I’d been doing my whole life before health problems) and have noticed that I’m less tired lately. Hopefully I can afford to get back to swimming this year.

  4. I love your resolutions. They’re so tangible, so possible! Like you, I’ve decided to bake more – and STOP COMPARING has been written on a post-it attached to my monitor for the past year… such an important lesson to learn!

  5. I really liked this post. You have great goals set for yourself. I’ve got a few, one of which I made after reading a few of your goals. I need to be more accepting of myself. That and eat a little healthier. I know crash diets don’t work; I don’t want to be on a diet, I just don’t want to binge eat (something I’ve been doing a lot of over the past few months)

    Good luck mastering the macaron :) I too want to try a few different kinds of desserts and sweets before this year is up, if only I weren’t so chicken :P

  6. a few things…i’m the same way about being lazy! i just can’t sit around and do nothing. my finance calls me a machine. but yes, i too, need to relax once in a while :) and i’ve been trying to cook more too and not bake so much- but i love sweets! and we’ve been near dallas for a year and a half but it’s so easy to get stuck in your little routine! every goal of yours reminded me of something i need to improve :) p.s. i vote crossionts!

  7. Thanks for your inspritional post. I’m working on my list. I have a suggestion for a restaurant you should try. You mentioned wanting to dive deeper into NYC. Well my brother works at Tanoreen in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It has wonderful Middle Eastern cuisine. You should check it out if you’re ever in that area.

  8. Great post! I read your blog all the time and this is the first site I come to whenever I feel like baking some comfort food. You’re resolutions are so simple and fun, and are also pretty similar to some of mine :)

    On the Croissants vs. Macarons dilemma, may I suggest macarons? I have a diploma in culinary arts (pastry) and croissants aren’t AS fun to make as macarons… Only because croissants are very long to make and although it’s nice to know how they’re made, I don’t think I’ll ever make them at home and neither will most my old classmates because it’s so complicated to make at home and takes up so much space. Macarons are so much fun once they’re mastered and they don’t take half the patience you need when making croissants. They’re so fun to share and there are so many possibilities. I’m from Montreal and feel lucky to have so many shops that sell them whenever I don’t feel like whipping up a batch :)

    Happy new year!

  9. I love your resolutions! I vote taking a macaron class in Paris because if you want to master it, you should learn from the masters! :)

    I always feel so much better when I am doing yoga more too-it’s definitely one of my resolutions. I used to go all the time and then I moved and never got back into it.

  10. I suggest croissants! For some reason, I assume that macarons are slliigghtly easier to teach yourself. So you may find more benefit in a croissant class. I have a feeling you won’t regret either choice though!

  11. I’ve made both macarons and croissants at home. I recommend the class in macarons, although Pierre Hereme’s book “Macarons” is very good and if you follow it step-by-step, you should get picture perfect results.

    I love your list… especially the ones about not feeling guilty for being a bit lazy and stop comparing.

    Your final comment about doing your favourite, most relaxing thing… it’s as if those words were coming out of my mouth. Nothing is more relaxing or soothing than baking.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. Happy and Healthy 2013 to everyone!

  12. Hi Colette! Those are raspberry macaroons. I want to tweak the recipe a bit before posting them but I will :)

  13. Thanks for your vote! Yes- it’s hard with a sweet tooth…I’m hoping to make things I can freeze meal-wise. :)

  14. Yes I’m leaning towards macarons myself…:)

    Isn’t baking so therapeutic? I’ve found sometimes I love the process of it just as much or more than the final result.

  15. Ugh such a hard decision!

    I’m leaning towards macs only because I think I would make them more often…and I had 3 failed attempts last week :)

  16. Thanks Kate!! I think I’m with you on the macarons…I’ll make them all the time if I know how! Happy New Year!

  17. I definitely know about Tanoreen!! Since I’m Middle Eastern, I’ve been told it’s the most authentic, delicious food! I just have to get my butt out to Bay Ridge! :)

  18. That’s hard Becca…I used to binge eat too. For me as soon as I stopped trying to restrict myself I automatically started eating with moderation. :)

  19. A full freezer is a wonderful idea! I really want to do that as well.

    I’ve lived in my place for 7 years so I understand the pressure to perk a place up..

    Good luck with all your resolutions! xo

  20. Saying “No” is a hard but important one! And I’m very impressed with your belly dancing- you gotta get up there and perform! (And take a video!)

    I’d much rather cook too much than bake too much! No real food! :)

  21. Happy new year Audra! Thanks for a year of yummy food and recipes, cant wait for another year of reading your posts… you make my monday/weds and friday mornings much more interesting and I thank you for that! Remember to try GIOLITTIS in Rome, It when you are there. it is simply heaven on earth! Have fun!

  22. Yes- I will not forget your gelato suggestion!
    Thank you so much for reading- I hope to have time to continue with the MWF schedule :)

  23. I agree with every single one of these..in fact…sorta want to claim this list as mine too:) my hubby wishes i would cook instead of bake alll the time. i realized i dont know where in the city you are, but i live on the upper east and my favorite yoga studio is Earth yoga on 61st b/w 1st and 2nd. its “hot” (not really crazy hot) vinyasa – i truly love it!

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