Apple Pie Granola Bars

Apple Pie Granola Bars

Before I get into the details of this post- you all should know that at this very moment I’m moving apartments! This was the last baked treat that I was able to whip up in the original “itty bitty kitchen” but I hope that after a few days I’ll have the kitchen ready to get cracking again! (and I feel like I still get to call my new kitchen “itty bitty” because even though its bigger and better than what I am used to, its still NYC and lets be serious- most kitchens are small.)

Anyway- I’m so excited to be sharing this fabulous apple recipe as part of Baked by Rachel’sApple a Day” extravaganza! Every day this month a different blogger is sharing a delicious apple treat on her blog and today is my lucky day. When I started brainstorming what to share, I knew I wanted to make something that I’d never tackled before, because- ya know. challenges are fun. Granola bars are one of my favorite snacks and I wanted to make one that was just bursting with chunks of dried apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger- (you know- the good stuff.)

Apple Pie Granola Bars

It’s my humble opinion that these are the best granola bars ever. They really and truly taste like apple pie and every bite is bursting with apple and spice. I added in some toasted coconut chips for a little texture, but I think pecans would be amazing as well. (You know if I didn’t have a husband who hates nuts.) I hope you like this autumnal recipe as much as I do- head over to Rachel’s site to check it out!

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  1. Hahah I love your humble opinion :) they look amazing! Good luck moving. It’s the worst. But then you get to unpack, which is awesome.

  2. Fair warning to the other moms – you’re gonna be a star at your baby’s bake sales!
    Have a great w/end! (PS-the pic of your mom pregnant with you is just too cute. I have one of
    my mom, too. xo)

  3. These bars are soooo good! Will make them once again (and again :) ) for sure. Delicious. I only reduced amount of sugar (even 1/3 cup was too much for me) and didn’t use light corn syrup (can’t buy it where I live). Great recipe! :)

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