Behind the Blog- Wedding Napkin Quilt

Hello! I had planned a recipe for today, and even though I’ve made it before, it was a bit of a disaster yesterday and I didn’t want to share it until I’ve worked out some kinks. So, I decided to start a new blog series based on several comments/emails I’ve gotten about sharing more about myself and my life “Behind the Blog.”

I’ve always been a lover of crafts, so it wasn’t a surprise that I wanted to do a ton of them for my wedding. I made so many things for that beautiful day and I couldn’t have loved that time more. I really am so happy sitting on my couch with a project laid out on the coffee table with some music or a guilty pleasure TV show on.

One of my later craft ideas was to make my own mis-matched vintage-y napkins. I thought that my tables needed a little extra something and I just wasn’t having the plain ivory napkins that my caterer was providing. I looked on Etsy, only to find that simple fabric squares cut only with a pinking shear were upwards of $1.50 each. I also- would get whatever the sellers had without getting to choose my own fabrics to match my color


So- I decided to take this project on myself. Finishing the edges with a sewing machine didn’t seem possible with only a month before the wedding, so I bough a zig-zag rotary cutter and just left the edges like that. No one really saw them until they were opened and I think it was just fine. Also- I figured if I finished the edges I’d feel horrible cutting them off to make the napkins into a quilt, which I decided right away I wanted to do


So- the napkins were used for my wedding, washed and I spent the fall re-purposing them into a beautiful quilt that’s now in the guest room! I love it so much and feel like I’ve created a new family heirloom which such special meaning! (Link to the pattern I used from Purl Soho here.)


PS- Guess WHAT? My wedding is going to be featured on Style Me Pretty in a few weeks! If you’re not familiar it’s only the most beautiful wedding blog of all time and I’m so incredibly excited/honored.

PPS- I have gotten several emails lately with questions about saving/printing/finding recipes. I am SO sorry that my site is such a pain when it comes to this. Lucky for all of us- I’m making a switch to WordPress soon that will come with a really easy to use print/save icon. Woohoo! I’ll keep you posted on the changes the next couple weeks!


  1. Beautiful handiwork, Audra! I also made so much for our wedding and it made the night so much more personal. Love the idea of a quilt – it’s a skill I’ve wanted to learn for ages. Is it hard to pick up?

  2. PS great news about your move to WP! made my life much easier… still working out some kinks with the move but I’m sure it’ll come together soon, as it will with you :)

  3. That quilt is beautiful! And I think you are right, it really will become an heirloom…

  4. That is such a great idea! I have been wanting to make a quilt for awhile now, so jealous you did!

    Congratulations on the feature! You deserve it; your wedding looked beautiful!

  5. Even with all of your previous treats, I think this is the “sweetest” post to date – love it! And…um…you have a GUEST ROOM in NYC? Lucky!

  6. Yes- we are lucky in that regard- I’ve lived in this apartment for 7 years though so I guess you could say it’s lost on me? :)

  7. Yes it looks so beautiful on your site! I see that Shay designed yours as well- she’s great! :)

    And no- if you can sew in a straight line I think quilting is pretty incredibly easy!

  8. This is an amazing idea! I love that you thought ahead and double purposed the napkins and have a beautiful heirloom piece. I will absolutely reference this when it’s my turn to get married. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Such and beautiful and thoughtful idea. I love it! Thank you for the additional insight into your life.

  10. Very beautiful wedding napkins! I really like the idea of making them into a quilt afterwards too. I just stumbled on this blog, but I really like what I see!

  11. Hi Audra- I am also making my own napkins for my wedding. I was wondering, what size napkins did you make? Yours turned out great!

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