Best of 2012- Your Favorites!

I hope your Holiday was just wonderful and that you are enjoying these last few days of the year with your loved ones. I’m still at “home” in Milwaukee, nursing a sinus infection I’ve had since the 23rd. (wah wah.) I can’t complain too much though because my Mama is the best nurse around, and I still had a wonderful first Christmas with Andy and my family.

2012 has been a great year for The Baker Chick, and I thought I’d start the recap process with your 10 favorite posts of the year. I’ll follow up with my 10 favorite tomorrow! :)

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  1. That birthday layer cake has been on my to-do list since you guys posted it for Milkbar Mondays. I don’t know what I’m waiting for – it seriously makes my mouth water every time I see it!

    PS – sorry about your sinus infection :( I had one this month too and it stinks!

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