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IMG_5954Happy Derby Day! Before I start sharing all my wonderful experiences at King Arthur Flour Blog & Bake™ last week- one quick very cool thing! I filmed a video for ABC News making these cupcakes! Check it out! :)

Ok! I’ve finally had time to edit the hundreds of photos I took while at King Arthur Flour Vermont last week and I’m ready to share some. We did a lot of really cool things over the 3 days I spent up in Vermont, but the time we spent in the baking classroom was by far my favorite. I so enjoyed walking in and seeing my station set up so cute with an apron and all the ingredients/recipes I’d need for the day.


Our first night we started by making a pre-ferment that would be mixed into our pizza dough for the next night. Have you done this? Basically it adds tons of extra flavor to the dough and results in an amazingly chewy, crisp pizza dough. (Don’t worry- I’ll be sharing this pizza dough with you one of these days!)


Day 2 we started bright and early by baking the basic white bread that I shared with you earlier this week. I loved taking everything in as our knowledgeable teachers explained the technique. This entire loaf may or may not have been demolished by the class within minutes!

IMG_5962 IMG_5971 IMG_6050

Next up- scones! I adored the recipe we made, and would never have believed it was 100% whole wheat! One of the most fun parts of this recipe was that the mix-ins were totally up to us. There was a huge selection to choose from, and I decided to make some “Triple Cinnamon Scones” using the King Arthur Flour Cinnamon Chips! They were pretty delicious if I do say so myself!

IMG_5982 IMG_6023

Before we knew it, dinner was approaching which meant pizza party time! I wish I could to bake my pizza in a wood burning oven all the time!

IMG_5981 IMG_6055 IMG_6067 IMG_6073 IMG_6074 IMG_6097

Man I dream about that pizza. They had so many amazing, local toppings to choose from it was hard to decide what to top mine with. I think I went with pepperoni, local ramps, mozzarella and basil! Doesn’t that egg-topped pizza look great too?

Day two started with a super fun “Chopped”-like challenge. We were divided into teams and each given a bowl with some local Vermont ingredients in them. Our bowl contained maple candies, caramels, ricotta cheese and maple walnut peanut butter. I was so proud of what we created. It was called a “Vermont Apple Cream Pie,” which was essentially peanut-caramel apples in a pre-baked pie shell topped with maple-ricotta cream and crushed maple candies.

Photo Courtesy of King Arthur Flour


We loved our “hands up!!” moment :)

After lunch we learned how to make the fabulous “blitz” puff pastry that I posted about yesterday. With our puff we made palmiers and cheese twists but as I said the options are endless!

IMG_6134 IMG_6124 IMG_6117 IMG_6143 IMG_6139

After 3 days of learning about the history and philisophy of this wonderful brand, I really couldn’t love them more. I left with tons of inspiration to bake as well as a huge bag full of goodies that I bought from their amazing store. Lots more King Arthur Flour inspired baking to come I promise!!

Here’s a wonderful group picture of all the bloggers that attended- I loved meeting all of them!

GroupPic1 - Copy
Photo courtesy of King Arthur Flour

Top Row from Left: Rebecca (Foodie with Family) Carole (Heirloom Meals) Jennifer (Bake or Break) Brandy (Nutmeg Nanny) ME, Marnely (Cooking with Books) Kate (Food Babbles)

Bottom Row: Katie (Healthy Seasonal Recipes) Jen (Tiny Urban Kitchen) Erika (In Erika’s Kitchen) Tara (Ladies Home Journal) Eva (Adventures in Cooking) David (Spiced)


  1. First of all, not surprising at all, but you are such a natural. What a great video!! Woohoo, congrats!!

    2nd, love the photos from Blog and Bake and am now crossing my fingers that I can go next time around:-)

    1. I am going to help make it happen for you next year…I only wish they let us come two years in a row. :)

  2. I’m glad we’re all spacing out our recaps so I can keep reliving it! Love your roundup and loved getting to know you. It was good to see you today at the bake sale. I wish we could have visited a bit longer. I brought one of your brownies home with me and can’t wait to try it!

  3. I’m incredibly jealous! This sounds like an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Also, I’m bummed We didn’t cross paths today at the bake sale!

    1. Hey Vicki! I wish I knew you were going to be there we could have tried to meet up! I honestly just dropped the goodies and took off. :( I think a NYC area blogger get together needs to happen sometime soon huh?

      1. Definitely! We should all try to get together this summer. There are so many good food festivals coming up!

  4. This looks like *such* a fun event! I have been trying to talk my husband into a trip to KAF, I’m hoping we’ll get up there this fall. Oh, and that pizza looks absolutely amazing!

  5. Your video is amazing!!

    The pizzas look sooooo good!! And I am SO jealous about your Chopped challenge, I have always wanted to do one! Your idea was awesome!! Your trip looked like so much fun! I love King Arthur Flour, we use it for making our delicious french bread that for some reason I have yet to blog about…..

  6. BEAUTIFUL recap, Audra! It was such a treat to get to meet you in real life and take these amazing classes together. I hope King Arthur Flour DOES hold a reunion in a couple of years. Wouldn’t that be the bees-knees??? I’ve been baking like a maniac since getting home. It looks like I’m not the only one! :D

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