Cherry Vanilla Crisp

Cherry Vanilla Crisp

As I mentioned in an early post I joined a fruit CSA this summer and it is a-mazing. Every week I get to pick up 2 big cartons of farm fresh fruit picked that day from a nearby farm. I love that it’s a surprise what I’ll get and I really love finding ways to be creative with my ingredient of the week. Last week I got the most beautiful dark sweet cherries that were so soft and juicy- just begging to be baked with. We like to eat some of the fruit fresh, but I’m enjoying my fruit share baking challenge! I hope you don’t mind following along with me since I’ll be getting seasonal fruit until November…

Cherry Vanilla Crisp

This  Cherry Vanilla Crisp was just SO good. It’s extremely simple to make and is really the epitome of my very favorite summer dessert: fruit baked into a pie/crisp/cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top. I love so many different versions of these types of desserts but this was one of my favorites. The crisp topping was extra sweet and  “crispy,” and the addition of vanilla bean was perfect. I just adore the juicy cherries with almost crunchy topping and melty ice cream. Now here is the question. How am I going to to use the SOUR cherries that came in today’s box? Ideas??

Cherry Vanilla Crisp


  1. try a clafouti with the sour cherries

  2. Jan Sturtevant says:

    Try them in pie–traditional in some areas. Your crisp looks and sounds divine.

  3. Momina Salim says:

    Try a sour cherry lemonade! It’s delish!!

  4. Yay for cherries!! Sweet OR sour. I love this crisp. So fabulously juicy. As for the sour cherries, you could pickle them, make ice cream with them….

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