Evolution of a Belly


I can’t believe I’ve reached the end. 40 whole weeks of pregnancy and I’m still standing- (without a baby nonetheless!) I started taking weekly belly shots at around 9 weeks and man was I diligent in those early days. Once I hit 25 weeks it was more of a 1/2x a month thing which is why there are only 12 of these pics. :) Even so- it is pretty amazing for me to look at what my body has grown over the last 9 months. Isn’t the whole body growing a baby thing kind amazing and weird?

If I had to pick two words that I’m trying to focus on these days they are patience and surrender. I’m a control freak so it has been a challenge for me to relax and have faith that things will happen when and how they are meant to. My Mom sent me this little picture last week and it really sums up how I have been feeling. (And for some reason it makes me teary. (What doesn’t?)


Since I don’t quite know when my maternity leave will begin and I’m not the most organized gal on the planet- please stay patient if there are a few days with nothing on the blog while I adjust. And make sure to follow me on Instagram- I’ll likely post a baby update there before I have a chance to write about it here :)


  1. Not only are your pics beautiful, you have given you baby a beautiful gift that will be cherished forever. I got warm fuzzies and love the note your mom sent too! May your delivery be a wonderful experience as you welcome your little one into their new life. Take care~

  2. This is the cutest thing.
    I wish I was as focused as you and did the same when I was prego.
    You look so cute!
    The first baby is usually late, unless you get to a lot of dancing.
    So put on your fav tunes and shake that tushy!

  3. Congrats you have reached your 40 weeks! Enjoy the late bit of baby in you, and then have a wonderful time with your baby!! :)

  4. You look SOOOO beautiful! Pregnancy suits you :) I can’t wait to meet (via Instagram) your new baby! Also — 40 weeks?!?!? Ahhhh!!!

  5. My my! You are so gorgeous. Can’t believe it’s been 40 weeks! It seems like only yesterday that you announced you were pregnant.

  6. Wow–your collage is so sweet! I love how you did slightly different positions in each one, and your smile is natural and so lovely. Thank you for sharing, Audra!

  7. Congratulations on little Hugo! So happy for you – he looks gorgeous! Your evolution photos are lovely, definitely something I’d love to do myself someday. You are looking fit and fabulous and happy, and totally ready to be a parent. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your journey. Enjoy it :)

  8. WOW,what a GORGEOUS mom-to-be you are and what a big round BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hello, could you share what app/collage maker you used to make your adorable collage? Thanks!

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