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Oh Florence….by far my favorite of the four cities we visited on our Europe trip. What was it about Florence- the beauty at every turn? the fact that every meal we had there was to die for?  the easy to navigate streets which made getting around easy as can be? (unlike the labarynth of a city that was Venice.) Man oh man did we love it. This is definitely a city worth visiting again as we barely scratched the surface. We’re thinking a venture into the Tuscan hills would be perfect for next time…



Every afternoon in Italy we found ourselves a cafe to enjoy a drink of choice. Cappucino for me and negroni for him. (Which I really tried to enjoy but just couldn’t.)



Oh man, the  bridges…one more gorgeous on after the other.



The bridge above, called Ponte Vecchio, or “Old Bridge” is full of these little shops that have been selling jewelry for hundreds of years. I haven’t seen anything like it!


One of the hard things about traveling with a big DSLR camera is getting anyone else to be able to use it. 99% of the pictures that I got passerby to take of us were blurry/out of focus. This one is no exception- but if you can’t really tell right?

sandwich collage

If you ever visit Florence you MUST visit All-antico Vinaio. This sandwich shop usually has a long line out the door-but man is it worth it. The foccacia is fresh from the oven and the fillings are to die for. My sandwich above had thin salami, the most delicious parmesan, arugula, and a truffle spread that I still dream about. We would eat there every day if we could.

Rome to be shared next week! :)


  1. Wow, am I envious!!! Spent a year of college in Florence, Milan, and Rome and absolutely loved it. Florence is my favorite city in the world! Have a fabulous time, and please keep posting photos! :)

  2. Great photos – thanks for the tips one where to go, what to eat, etc. I’m headed to Europe this fall and this just makes me even more excited for my trip! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  3. Florence was my favorite city by far also!! Gelato, statues, David (aren’t there like 4 statues in Florence?). Ahhhh Italy! I want to go back! Can’t wait to hear about Rome next! I almost got pickpocketed there by a 10 year old boy!

  4. I continue to love these posts Audra, great pics! You make me want to hop online and book a trip to Europe immediately :)

  5. Gorgeous photos! You definitely NEED to go back and spend some time in Tuscany. You will love it! PS I have now switched to just handing over my phone when I want pictures of the 2 of us, otherwise it is a lost cause.

  6. oh man, that sandwich shop looks DIVINE. anything with a long line like that, especially a hole in the wall, it’s all worth it! such a beautiful city. I’m so so jealous but so thankful to have you to share these pictures with us and let us join you in your travels :)

  7. Gorgeous photos–and gorgeous you in the photos. I wasn’t wowed when we were in Florence, but your pictures make me think that perhaps we didn’t spend enough time there to really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing these.

  8. Did you know cappuccinos after breakfast are a big no-no in Italy?

    Who cares? You’re on vacation!
    I did the exact same thing on our honeymoon. Muhaha

  9. I need to go to back to Florence right now! I’ve been there twice and haven’t even spend 24 hours there total. There’s something about Florence – maybe it’s just the air – that you can’t explain to anyone who hasn’t been there. Or maybe it’s a combination of the art and the history? It’s my dream to go there for a week and just breathe it in!

    So glad you had a great time.

  10. Yp, Italy is magical! :) I was in Trieste last month. Amazing. Forgoten by Italian people too heh
    You two were so close to me, well my country – SLOVENIA, its right next to Italy. You should visit Slovenia in future. The capital, the cutest (and the biggest in country) city in Europe…and all other parts of it: seaside, Karst, mountains and beautiful rivers, lakes, country side…google ;) There are many great reviews from people all over the world. If TINA MAZE sounds familiar to you, or the oldest vine in the world, human fish or Postojna cave…u are on the right track ;)


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