Frosted Snowflake Sugar Cookies


I know that New Years resolutions aren’t meant to begin for a solid two weeks, but since I could have a baby anytime after that- I figure there is no harm in getting a head start right? I’ve been wanting to try making cut out sugar cookies decorated with royal icing for ages, but I’ve always chickened out a bit. I guess you could say I was convinced that I would end up wasting all my time on something that would inevitably end up as a failure so I didn’t bother even trying. I’m still pretty intimated by the process so for these cookies I skipped the outline/flooding step and just used the royal icing to pipe designs on the cookies.

It still took me a few tries to get used to the piping bag and to feel like I had control of it, but I got there eventually. I was also a bit intimated by making royal icing but now that I’ve done it a couple times I really feel like that is easy as pie as well. Next time- I’ll be outlining and flooding these babies like a pro! It sure feels good to (partially) check something off the list you know?


I didn’t change up these recipes from Bake at 350 so I am just going to link you there to check out Bridget’s advice and tutorial on the subject. Cookie Recipe here, and Royal Icing Recipe here. I have to point out that this cookie recipe is really really good. They are soft and super flavorful. I have made them a few times now, and like to use all vanilla extract since I’m not so into almond- but either works.   (I like to freeze the cut-out cookies on the sheet for at least 10 minutes before baking. Otherwise- for me, the shapes tended to puff too much.) I used gel color to tint the icing blue, candy pearls and a little sanding sugar. These were a fun and rewarding holiday baking project and I can’t wait until my next go at it- I hope you don’t mind following along my journey! :)


  1. I’ve always felt the same about frosted cookies: I love them but I’m definitely too intimidated by the whole process to actually try and make them myself!
    But you totally encouraged me with your experience so I think I’ll have to be brave and give them a go…maybe they won’t turn out too bad, after all!

    xo, Elisa

  2. I’ve wanted to try these cookies for quite some time, but keep going back to the standby recipe. How do the cookies taste? Is the texture chewy, soft, crunchy????

    1. Bryn they are excellent. Super soft and full of flavor. I’ve made them with vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste which is also so good!

  3. Hi Audra -You read my mind! I’ve been thinking about trying royal icing for years and was set to finally try it this week. Your post gave me the little added push I needed! Thanks.

  4. I love frosted sugar cookies. They are one of my absolute favorites. I am not new to decorating sugar cookies, however, I am also not a pro. It is on my bucket list to “perfect my sugar cookie”. It has been there for sometime as cookie decorating is an art form I have yet to have a lot of time for.

    Your cookies turned out great looking! I am going to check out the cookie recipe too!

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