Frosting Swirl Tutorial *Video*


As promised last week, here is a little tutorial video on how to make the “baker-style” frosting swirl. This is my first ever “how to” video so please feel free to give me some feedback if it isn’t too easy to understand. I know the editing is rough- I will work at this! Also please excuse my cluttery kitchen- it’s just so darn teeny! :)

To review:
1- Using an icing spatula scoop up a dollop of frosting
2-Spread it on the edge of the bowl to remove any air bubbles and smooth it.
3-Spread and scoop the frosting a few times on the edge of the bowl until the dollop is round and smooth.
4-Plot it in the middle of the cupcake and turn the cupcake while patting the frosting down with the spatula. (fix any bits that aren’t perfect.)
5- For the “swirl” turn cupcake away from you and place the spatula parallel to cupcake. While turning the cupcake in one direction turn the spatula in the other. Easy as pie!

Note: A smaller spatula will also work but will just make a smaller swirl! I’m gonna try that too :)

I hope to have many more videos for you guys in the future :)


  1. Love the tutorial – more please!! Also, I didn’t know the trick about padding the frosting in the bowl to get rid of air bubbles! Such a great job, awesome!! :)

  2. Thank you!! This is super informative, and, more importantly, makes me want to make some cupcakes to try it out on!

  3. How awesome Audra! I love the video, and you are right, it seems so simple but it is so elegant, as are you!

  4. I loved the video-you’re a natural in front of the camera. Please do more!

  5. Thanks for this! I’ve always wondered how to make the Magnolia Bakery style swirl…I usually just resort to a piping bag out of frustration :)

  6. so glad you posted a video tutorial! i would’ve never been able to make iced cupcakes look as elegant as yours. SO very helpful, thank you! ps: love your blog!

  7. Great tutorial, and the cupcakes look really cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Great video! I am going to give it a try. I think you just make it look easy though!

  9. Great tutorial, Audra. I like the look of paddled frosting on some cupcakes than I do with uniform piped perfect swirls. Easpecially for Easter with some chocolate eggs decorated on the top.

    I like the pale blue you used as the frosting colour too. Kinda makes me think that it tastes like floral violets, iykwim?


  10. i love your swirling tutorial! ive always had trouble making my cupcakes as beautiful as they could be so thank you!!

  11. Very helpful-more videos please! Also…I’m crushing on your lipstick-what brand is it?

  12. Cute! And it *seems* pretty easy (seems being the operative word here…sometimes I am not so great w anything requiring hand-eye coordination!)…I may have to make some cupcakes soon just to give this a try!

    PS, I think the video was great!

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