Garlic Cheddar Swirl Buns


I’m gonna share with you the way most of my Saturday mornings go: Andy – “What do you have to do today?”  Me: ” Well- I have to bake something- I have nothing to blog on Monday! What do you feel like? What should I make? What do we have in the fridge? Will you run to the store for me?”

I mean it’s pretty much spot on. (In fact Andy is sitting next to me nodding.) What can I say? I’m not very good at planning ahead. More often than not- I have absolutely no idea of what I’m making until minutes before- when I beg Andy to run to the store to buy me ingredients. (And he  always sweetly agrees.)


In the case of these buns, I was in the mood for something savory so I ran with that. We had some leftover lentil soup in the fridge that desperately needed something cheesy and rich to ya know- counteract all the healthiness. I have been scheming for awhile to use my favorite cinnamon roll dough and jazz it up with savory ingredients- so this was the day!

Though the filling options are endless, I was happy with the fresh garlic and cheddar I filled these with. They are soft and doughy inside, with crisp tops and bursts of garlic and cheese in each bite. We ate them on Saturday with soup, and then froze the rest for a quick and easy snack. (They are great after being nuked for a minute and then crisped up in the toaster oven!)


Garlic Cheddar Swirl Buns

Garlic Cheddar Swirl Buns

Yield: 12 servings


  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 5-7 cloves garlic, crushed
  • freshly ground black pepper/salt to taste
Nutrition Information:
Serving Size: 1 grams
Amount Per Serving: Unsaturated Fat: 0g

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  1. That looks delicious and a fun alternative to plain buns! Do you always freeze part of your baked goods? Do you juste place them in a baggie and pop them in the freezer? I love baking but since it’s just the two of us, it’s sometimes hard to eat them all when they are fresh.

    1. Hey Caroline! I freeze things a lot, but not always.
      Bread recipes freeze/reheat very well, and I’ve also had lots of luck with many cookies and brownies.
      Often times I try to bake larger batches of things on days when I know I have people to give them too though :)

  2. omg this is my life too! the world thinks our hubbies have it the best. but really they are the best since they’re so patient with our “projects” :) these look deeeee-lish. i need to try them ASAP!

  3. WHAT.THE.WHAT. These are to die for. I actually just made your cinnamon rolls recently and my brain was going crazy with ideas for adaptions. These almost seem like soft and toasty breadsticks, just a different shape!

  4. I can think of nothing that would make my Monday afternoon better than a few of these rolls showing up at my house :) It’s cold and dreary and gray and I could go for some comfort food!

    1. Thanks Lady :) I think it’s funny that today you posted about how on top of your posting schedule you are- while I posted on how I’m so sadly last minute. :) I hope some of your planning skills rub off on me! :)

  5. I;m the same-exact-way when it comes to blogging! And luckily, I too have a sweet guy who doesn’t mind getting shipped off to the grocery store.

    Now, these garlic cheddar swirl buns just need to appear in my oven – like right now – so I can start getting down on them and all their soft, cheesy glory!

  6. Well shoot! I had this idea written down last week for a new recipe, but you beat me to it in such a lovely way. Cannot wait to try yours!

  7. I wish I had a batch of these to go with my chili leftovers!! The garlic and cheddar sounds like the perfect combination to go with any wintry meal…or just as a snack.

  8. The first thing I thought when I saw the title and top photo was,”Yum. I would really like some of these with a bowl of thick soup.” Then I read that you were eating yours with lentil soup :) Delicious.

  9. Oh I love spiral rolls with a savory filling :) Especially when one of those ingredients is garlic, I love me some garlic goodness :)

  10. Its as if you are in my head. I never plan a blog post until the night before! My planning skills are awful but when you come up with recipes like this one, it all works out. I could eat a whole loaf of cheesy bread and still want more!

  11. mmmm….i have some healthy vegetable barley soup in the freezer and the first batch needed something crave-worthy to go with the healthy/somewhat boring flavor and i think this is it! I’m gonna have to whip these up tomorrow!

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