Guest Post: Banana Pudding Parfaits

I am so very excited for today. Want to hear all the exciting things that are happening? Ok here they are:
1-My new and first iPhone 4S arrives today!
2-My Parents who I haven’t seen in months are arriving in Maine because….
3-Tonight is opening night of my play!! Woohoo!
4-And- The wonderful Sandra of Sandra’s Easy Cooking has prepared a lovely Guest Post for you all.

Sandra is kind, sweet, giving, talented and a very valuable member of the blog community. I am so excited and grateful that she agreed to create a delicious treat for the blog today. I really think you will enjoy it. Make sure to stop by her blog and share some love. Have a great weekend!!

Hello Readers of Baker Chick,

I am Sandra, author, chef and photographer behind Sandra’s Easy Cooking.

On my website you can find easy and affordable complete meal ideas. I always cook homemade and am always the on search for shortcuts. Almost all my recipes are done in 30 minutes or sometimes even less than that, (excluding stews that need to be cooked for long period of time.)

Anyhow, I am very pleased to be here at this beautiful food blog. When Audra invited me to guest post I was very happy and without thinking said yes. She is such a sweet person and very talented in the kitchen and out of the kitchen. I love Audra’s cooking adventures and she is inspiration so many including myself. Today I have prepared this easy no-bake recipe that was huge hit in my household and want to share with all of you!

Banana Pudding Parfait

Serves 4


4 Bananas

1 pk. Banana Pudding

1 Cup of Skim Milk

½ Cup Heavy Whipping Cream

2 Cup of plain Rice Crispies


  • Wisk Pudding with Milk than add liquid Whipping Cream.
  • Mix it either with electric mixer or Whisk until you reach creamy and smooth texture.
  • Add one smashed banana and whip until everything is combined.
  • In a glass combine the banana cream mixture, then rice crispies cereal, banana cream, banana slices, rice crispies and on the end put cream with few banana slices on top.

Serve cold!

I made also frozen sandwiches with the same cream, which you can make with any kind of crackers and fill them with this banana cream. Place in the freezer for 20 minutes (or more) for afternoon snack!

Thank you So much Audra again for inviting me to be your guest today. It was honor and pleasure of mine!


  1. The parfait looks tasty… love bananas. Big day for you. The play will be amazing I am sure, good luck on your big day!!!! P.S. I’m jealous your getting the new Iphone 4s lol I want one but I have the Iphone 4 and can’t justify the upgrade :)

  2. Hi Audra! I’m here from Sandra’s website. Sandra, what a yummy parfait! I like the cold sandwich idea too. You always come up with easy and delicious sweets that everyone can make and enjoy. The lovely the crunchy texture rice crispies give in this. Lovely photo and it is a nice Friday treat! Audra, good luck with your opening day!

  3. Thank you Audra for inviting was such a pleasure..and good luck tonight, I wish I could see it too!
    Thank you all for nice heart warming comments…xoxo

  4. Hi Sandra, Hi Audra-I stopped by to congratulate you on your beautiful guest post. Thanks Audra for featuring the talented, and so creative Sandra on your blog. You have a lovely place here!
    Thanks for sharing:DDD

  5. Audra, what a lovely day it sounds for you today. Good luck on the play, must feel fabulous! Come from Sandra’s site to say hello and this recipe will be a keeper for my daughter. She’s into desserts just now (we’re in this mode of “Mum – it’s high time I cook now, ok?” and so I don’t have a look in) and this no bake, no cook is ideal. She’ll go bananas! Thanks for a great recipe. Have a great weekend, girls!

  6. This looks amazing! Sandra always amazes me with her versatility and talents in the kitchen. This is definitely a keeper- I love banana pudding! Enjoy the weekend you two!

  7. This sounds and looks delicious. Love how those little rice crispies add texture. This would be such a hit with the kiddos. Thanks for sharing your recipe here on The Baker Chick!

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