Hello from Maine! (Apple Picking Edition)

Do you guys know how a play gets put together? Well I’m sure some of you do, (other former High School theatre geeks like me.) In case you don’t I’m going to quickly break it down. See I’ve been in Auburn, Maine rehearsing “Around the World in 80 Days” for the last week and I am knee deep in the process. I figured if I lay it out for you guys you may understand what I’m up to a bit better :)
Basically how it works: We begin by staging the show, adding blocking (where each actor has to enter, stand, move, sit etc.) and putting the pieces together. Today we started at the beginning of the show again breaking to down, fine-tuning some important details etc. We have all been asked to memorize our lines by now which can be the hardest part. (Lucky for me I’ve done this play before, and I still remember most of my lines.)
For the next few days we’ll continue to perfect the show by running it over and over and rehearsing every little bit. On Sunday we have “tech” which means adding costumes, lights, sound, set, props etc. This is usually a very long 12 hour day as it takes awhile to add all these components in. (You can bet I’ll be bringing baked goods in for this!)
Finally next Tuesday, we begin performing for an audience and begin our 3 “previews” which are essentially final dress rehearsals. On Friday October 14th- we have Opening Night and begin the run of the show! My parents will be here then followed by Andy (who I miss like crazy.)
Anyway- to tie in all the apples and pumpkins: Yesterday was our day off, and before embarking on 6 long rehearsal days in a row, I knew we had to get out of town a bit. So a few of my fellow cast-mates and I drove to a beautiful farm 15 minutes away and enjoyed a little fall fun. I also ate the MOST delicious apple cider donut I’ve ever had, (pictured above.) That was enough to inspire me to learn to make donuts when I’m back in the city. I came home with a huge bag of hand-picked apples and I’ll be sure to create something delicious with them very soon…Ok- I’m off to rehearsal. I’ll be back with more from Maine (and a new recipe) very soon!


  1. Totally random but I love your hair (says the girl with pin straight hair that can’t hold a curl to save it’s life). And I miss picking apples! Oh upstate NY why did I ever leave you?

  2. Oh my goodness! I was a high school theater geek too!I dropped it for psych when I went to college though, you will definitely catch me singing a lot. haha. I love the photos and yes, those apple cider donuts look amazing! The pumpkin ones are really good too…if you find the time, you should definitely hit up a pumpkin farm, they’re out of this world. Break a leg! I’m sure you’ll be wonderful!

  3. What a fun activity for a day away with your cast mates! I can’t even imagine how much work goes into putting on a full production. Good luck!!

  4. Oh, now I know where you are…just a half hour from us! The play sounds like it’s going to be GREAT!

  5. Jen you should bring your family to the show! It’s at The Public Theatre in Lewiston. Please email me if you end up being able to come so I can meet you afterwards :)

  6. Just found your blog through the #FBZ nominations and I’m so happy I did. You and your blog is ADORABLE. Even more, you are incredibly thoughtful about your words and the images you post. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now, and your blog is an inspiration for anyone who is new (or old) to the food blogging world. Congratulations on the nomination. I’m definitely voting for you!

  7. I am from Turner, Maine, just north of Auburn. I love going to the apple orchards up there, more for the donuts than the apples. Great photos!

  8. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Maine, and by the looks of your beautiful pictures, I definitely have a reason to.

    And good luck with your play! I was involved in theatre during high school, and I understand all the work that goest into it. It’s exhausting but so much fun!

    Break a leg.


  9. Good luck on the show! I LOVE the pics. I, too, just went pumpkin and apple picking (in Warwick, NY though). It’s so fun. Last year after going apple picking, I made apple cider donuts and they were to die for. I can’t wait to see your recipe for them.

  10. i was a theatre geek, and i absolutely loved that! i’d had so so so much fun, and i loved being on stage, the excitement before and the confidence when you’re finally there in front of the audience… it’s just awesome! Even when your audience consists in the guy you have a crush on or the girls that laught at you haha, even if you don’t fancy the play that much. It’s so good! You seem to enjoy drama so much, you don’t even have to be wished luck!! You’ll be good ;)

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