How about a lil’ baby update?


I think an update on the lil bébé is a bit overdue don’t you? It seems as if in the last few weeks this sweet baby of mine has changed more dramatically than I could have imagined. Where has the time gone? 6 1/2 months!? Almost 7!? Within a matter of days Hugo learned to roll, sit, and scoot (not quite crawling on his knees but he gets around fast!) He also got his two bottom teeth in and has been trying solids for the first time (see his cute broccoli face below.) Sometimes I have to take a minute and just try to understand how much is changing in his little world. To go from just lying around like a blob to being in control of what you see touch, feel etc. must be a hard adjustment. This little sweetheart is dealing with it all so well.


So yeah- solids! I think he likes them for the most part, though somedays more than others. We are half doing pureés and also doing a bit of baby led weaning. Here he held onto that broccoli spear and really gummed the floret part and seemed to like it! It’s so fun to see what gets the green light. And is anything cuter than a baby stink face when trying something they’re not sure about? I for one can’t get enough. 


So we’ve brought the sink back into the picture for bathtime now that Hugo can sit up by himself and it’s too cute. He splish splashes away and sure does love that rubber ducky! I have to practically pry it out of his hands to get him into pjs :).


Oh this sweet curious boy. Man, I know that every phase of baby-hood has it’s ups and downs, but 6 months sure is delicious. I seriously spend most of my day just kissing those cheeks and tummy and squeezing him all over. (I may as well do it a lot now before he starts pushing me away right?) He is giving so much back now that motherhood feels hugely fulfilling. Laughs, smiles, face-grabs, licks, kisses- I love it all. I think that’s really my only excuse as to why things have been slow on the blog and my apartment is in shambles. I just don’t want to miss a moment of this precious time before it’s over.


The most challenging thing for us these days is, (as usual,) sleep. I’m actually at the point where I want to just let it all go and not try to control things so much. He’s just a baby and he’s going to learn how to sleep all night eventually. I’ve realized I’m not someone that has it in me to do cry it out, so I have to accept that it may be a little longer before he stays down for the night. I know sleep training works for so many babies, and we’ve given it a half-hearted effort a few times, but I just am much too much of a mush to hear him cry. I’ve always been a sensitive one and this is no exception.

I know this may not seem rational, but sometimes when he is perfect and sweet from morning until night, all smiles, coos and laughs, I feel guilty for expecting 24/7 perfection. He’s been in this world for such a short time you know? I’m hoping that with routine and consistency things will get better in time. (I actually know they will!) And for now, I’m actually grateful that I honestly don’t even feel too tired anymore. I used to be a 9-10 hours/night girl, and I am functioning better on 5/6 than I thought was possible. I am so grateful for that little fluke of nature. Any tips for waiting it out?


I mentioned in my last post that Hugo and I booked a national commercial that filmed last week and it was so fun! I was honestly an anxious mess all day about it. He was so sweet at the audition, but anyone with a baby knows that those sweet lovely moments are so unpredictable. I was so worried that right when the camera started rolling would be the moment the little one would get fussy and they would regret casting us and blacklist our names throughout NYC. Luckily though- he just brought it. Smiling, laughing, and being his happy self. Phew. We shot the whole thing in no time and I can’t wait to see it!

Anyway, have I mentioned how much I love motherhood? How many more babies can I realistically have without losing it? For now- I sure do enjoy the one I got. I feel like the luckiest Mama on the planet!

(New amazing recipe coming your way on Wednesday PS!)



  1. So adorable! My little guy is only 3 weeks today, and I can’t WAIT to reach 6 months and some of these milestones. We’re still in “blob” mode, which has its upsides. Glad you’re enjoying motherhood… I totally understand what you mean about not getting things done because you want to kiss your baby all the time!

    1. Congrats Maria on your little one! Don’t wish these days away though, every phase is wonderful for its own reasons. I miss being able to lay him on the bed and know he’d still be there when I came back :) I miss the newborn days too :)

  2. Hi Audra,
    Your post actually brought tears to my eyes. Good tears, that is, as I remember back 40 years to the same beautiful times you’re going through now. I absolutely loved (still do) being a Mom to all three of my children. Each time was as wonderful as the time before. I, too, treasured those hugs, kisses, little laughs, trying new foods, and all the other sweet moments that you’re having now. I never rushed my children to sleep through the night. They just did when they were ready. What’s the point of letting them cry to the point of total exhaustion. I never could do that. I think you’ll find that as he eats more and more, he won’t be hungry enough to wake up at night anymore. You’re doing a great job, Audra. Look at that beautiful little boy you have and treasure every moment you have with him. The apartment will always be there to clean, your nights will be yours again all too soon, so just relish what you have now. He’s such a happy little boy who knows he’s loved. It shows in the photos :). After all, before you know it, he’ll be all grown up and on his own. It goes by in the blink of an eye. So don’t rush anything. Just keep doing what you’re doing and trust your own judgement. By the way, thank you for the update and the photos. I can’t believe how much Hugo has grown! I love the red tint in his hair and eyebrows. What a sweetie he is! Take care………

    1. Aw Ginny you are so sweet. Thank you so much for reading and for your kind and encouraging words! I figure, he’s only small for such a short time. I think someday I’ll wish I let him just sleep in my arms more often. :)

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