{Milk Bar Monday} Cornflake-Chocolate Chip-Marshmallow Cookies


Happy Monday! What better way to ring in the week than with another installment of Milk Bar Mondays? Today we have another cookie creation for you, loaded with mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, and crunchy cornflake clusters.


The cornflake crunch was probably my favorite part of this whole recipe. In fact, I found myself unable to stop snacking on it before I added it to the dough. It was sweet, crunchy, salty, and since it had milk powder as a key ingredient, it had that certain taste that I just couldn’t put my finger on. I will definitely be making this crunch again to use some creative way in the future.


Now the cookies were good too, but I would have to make a few adjustments if I ever made them again. Milk Bar stuff is always ridiculously sweet, but in this case it seemed to be a little bit too much. In my opinion, a little less butter would made these cookies thicker and a little less rich. I find myself unable to eat more than a corner of one of these without needing some milk to wash it down stat. I actually think the best solution to making these cookies less rich is to remove the sugar form the crunch recipe and use as little butter as possible to bind everything together. Rich crunch plus rich batter equals one sweet cookie.


All that being said, the flavor combos in these cookies were amazing.  I’ve never put marshmallows in cookies before and I love the gooeyness they created. I also really like baking with mini chocolate chips. The chocolate is much better dispersed so every bite has a few bits. And you know I love the cornflake crunch!


Averie from Averie Cooks is our host this week and she has posted the full recipe on her site.

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And for serious- if you haven’t gotten this cookbook yet- you really should! We still have lots of recipes to get through! :)


  1. Wow, these look amazing. Especially with the marshmallows in them. It makes the crispy-looking cookie seem gooey :D

  2. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says:

    These look so fabulous!

  3. I think the cornflake crunch was my favorite part too, and yours still look absolutely wonderful, great shots!!

  4. Ooh I agree, the cornflake crunch was addicting! I had to stop myself from snacking on it too much. The milk powder really gave it an interesting flavor. Next time I think I should crumble mine smaller like you did. I left some pieces pretty intact and I think it worked in conjunction with the butter to make the cookies spread too much..oh well. Yours still like fabulous and they were tasty beyond all reason.

  5. Kayle (The Cooking Actress) says:

    I made these the other day and was OBSESSED! I could not stop eating them (or the cornflake crunch)–I think I have an unnaturally high tolerance for richness :P

  6. I agree with everything you said, Audra, especially about the nice crunch. The thinness of the cookies seemed to intensify the crunch! Your cookies really do look quite perfect, though, and seem to have little puddles of marshamallow in the middle, just like mine, that are a fun little bullseye to eat your way toward. :)

  7. These cookies look great, Audra! Love all the salty sweetness, but if the recipe needs a little adjustment here and there, I bet you’ll make it all the better! Thanks for sharing. Also, I’m having a ChicWrap giveaway today that you should enter!

  8. Loooove the photo showing the gooey marshmallow. These look like they were great!!

  9. Wow, you got the GOOEY factor that I really, really wanted with your marshmallows. That’s the money shot! LOVE IT!!!

  10. You know Kayle- the more I eat these the less the richness bothers me. They really are so tasty!

  11. You have no idea how hard it was to get that shot! Andy had to take it because I wanted my hands in the pic. We may have gotten into a fight over it :) I’m glad it turned out in the end!

  12. I love a good cookie and your recipe looks absolutely fantastic!

  13. Eee! SO cool! I’ve seen this recipe bopping about and I cannot WAIT to try it on my own! The flavor combo just seems DIVINE.

  14. The picture of the marshmallows being pulled apart is KILLING ME IT LOOKS SO GOOD! I agree that to me a lot of her recipes are too sweet but the kind of sweet that I’m learning some people adore and I’m discovering a new appreciation for. MAN those look amazing! Sorta glad I accidentally missed this one… would have eaten them all.

  15. It would feels like heaven once you bite one of them! I really like cornflakes cookies but I never taste that with marshmallow. I must try it.

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