(Milk Bar Monday) Peanut Butter Cookies

Momofuku Milk Bar Peanut Butter Cookies

We’re back! Yes- after a few month hiatus, the ladies of Milk Bar Mondays (well some of us,) are here again with another recipe from Christina Tosi’s wonderfully complex cookbook Momofuku Milk Bar.  I’m so happy to rekindle my love/hate relationship with these layered recipes and their delicious outcome.

Today we wanted to start on the simple side with the peanut butter cookies. I’ve been dying to make another Milk Bar cookie recipe now that I have my stand mixer and could master the 10 minute creaming process. Well wouldn’t you know that this is the one cookie recipe that doesn’t require it? Ha. Oh well- I enjoyed using my pretty new mixer. I also have been anxious to try making MB cookies using bread flour, a tip that Tosi mentions in the book but I seem to have overlooked. Cassie said it made a huge difference in the texture of the cookies, and since mine were always a tad too thin and crispy, I was anxious to see if I noticed a change.

I have to say that these were my most successful MBM cookies to date. I don’t know if it’s the bread flour or the fact that I weighed my ingredients instead of measuring by volume, but I finally think I made a cookie that is the texture that Tosi intended.

I didn’t expect to find a run of the mill peanut butter cookie in her collection of recipes and I was right. This one involves first making peanut brittle, grinding it down, and mixing it into the batter. The end result is little specs of caramel-like candy bits that speckle the cookie adding a touch of extra flavor. Andy doesn’t eat nuts so I was stuck with the bulk of these for myself, but I don’t mind!

You can find the full recipe on Jaqueline’s site. Also don’t forget to check out the creations of the other MBM girls!

Cassie- Bake Your Day
Erin- Big Fat Baker


  1. I’ve miss MBM! Welcome back! And this sounds like the perfect cookie. The brittle sends it over the top.

  2. I saw these on Cassie’s site and I must say, you both made them look so soft and wonderful. I want to skip yoga, make a batch, then curl up with a glass of milk and one (or 5) of these guys for dinner tonight.

  3. Ach, bread flour! Brilliant! Why have I missed this idea before? I don’t know what the gluten-free equivalent would be but I’m going to find out. Yours look perfect and I’m gladyou finally have the satisfaction of a pristine MB cookie :)

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