{Milk Bar Monday} Chocolate Chocolate Cookies


Happy Monday! Here we are with another delicious Milk Bar cookie creation. The title says it all I think.. chocolate chocolate cookies. Christina Tosi’s ode to the fudgy brownie. Being someone that also adores the fudgy crispy texture of a perfect brownie, I really loved these cookies. The edges were a big crisp, the insides were soft and chewy, and most importantly- they stayed that way for 4 days. I can’t believe how these cookies actually lasted four days, but when I tasted the last one it was still chewy, crisp and perfect.

Even though I’ve loved all the cookies we’ve made so far for Milk Bar Mondays- I always had a bit of an issue with the texture. My cookies always thinned out a bunch and were thin and crispy around the edges. Last time I noted to make a minor change the next time we made cookies to see if it helped. So- I added 2 tablespoons less butter than the recipe asked for and for me it made a huge difference. The cookies were thick and soft and in my opinion, a perfect texture. Others in the group seem to have no problem with the original recipe though so maybe it’s just me :) Tosi writes about a 7-8 minute creaming process that I always try to do, but most likely fail with my hand mixer. (If I don’t get a stand mixer for a wedding gift I WILL be buying one come August I promise!) So if you decide to make these, try whichever version you prefer. I’m sure both are delicious.


PS- Sometimes my favorite picture of a treat is the one I take with my iPhone.. :)

So head over to our host Cassie’s page for the original recipe, (and if you want to make my modifications, only add 14 tablespoons of butter and 1 1/4 cups sugar.)

Jaqueline from The Dusty Baker
Krissy from Krissy’s Creations
Nicole from Sweet Peony Blog
Erin from Big Fat Baker
Meghan from Scarletta Bakes

PS- Can you beleive we’ve been doing this Milk Bar Monday thing for 6 months now? (The group started in Febuary, but I made my first recipe in January.)

I am so proud of all the challenging recipes we’ve created, so I decided to re-share a few of my favorites.

Birthday Layer Cake

Crack Pie


 Cinnamon Bun Pie


 Sweet Corn Cereal Milk Ice Cream Pie

(my favorite thing we’ve made to date…and can you tell I love the pies?)


  1. Audra, I would be lost without my stand mixer !I hope you get one for your wedding. :)

    Tosi’s use of butter in the recipes you gals have posted on Milkbar Mondays always intimidates me! I, too, would fear crispy edged cookies. And I’d try to reduce the butter because I prefer soft, thicker cookies. Looks like your idea worked in these cookies today! The first thing I thought when I saw the first picture was “look how thick they are!!” I’m saving this recipe. I love the chocolate crumb added in!

  2. Oh! Chocolatey!

    I often have the same texture problem with cookies…especially with how toasty my kitchen can get. Butter goes from room temperature to oozing mess in no time flat some days! I found myself starting to sub some of the butter with shortening in many recipes…

    Thanks for the tasty flashback to the other Milk Bar treats. The apple pie cake is one of my favorites to date.

  3. they look great and love the changes you made and i experience all the issues you describe AND i cream for 7-8 mins in a brand new stand mixer and follow to a T all instructions and still have flat/thin cookies. it’s a butter ration thing – you tweaked them perfectly!

  4. Your cookies look lovely, Audra! And I can’t believe that we’ve been doing MBM for 6 months now – the Birthday Layer Cake and Crack Pie were of my personal faves as well!! :)

  5. That birthday cake is beautiful! I would be so proud if I could pull that off!

  6. Hi there…as a devotee to the Momo cookbook (I’ve read it over several times and make 15+ recipes), I really find that using glucose proper and not corn syrup and using ONLY Plugra butter makes a HUGE difference due to the water content in ‘regular store bought’ butter. Just a thought. BTW, I LOVE your site. Not sure how I came across it, but sure glad I did.

  7. I love fudgy brownies and I love cookies. So this is basically the perfect treat. As for the crispy factor (I’ve never had a problem with it myself) but I’m just curious as to what reducing the butter does.

  8. Those cookies look fantastic Audra, although the cheesecake is making my mouth water right now!

  9. Well I have found that more butter sometimes equals thinner-crisper cookies. I thought reducing it would make them thicker/fudgier. :)

  10. I did use the glucose but not the Plugra butter. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I will try it next time :)

  11. LOVE how amazing these look! Perfectly crisp and chewy. My texture was a little cakier I think but they were extra addictive once frozen, and it was a great experiment for the gluten-free/butter ratio experiment. And YAY for 6 months! I’m loving it!

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