{Milk Bar Mondays} Confetti Cookies

These look familiar huh? Well yes you’re right- I made these cookies a couple months ago. In fact, it was in the making of these that I got the idea to start Milk Bar Monday’s in the first place. I loved them so much but I wanted to share the experience with some other bloggers, and I knew that routinely making more challenging recipes would be good for me. So, when Cassie chose this recipe for all of us to make, I was really excited for everyone to try it. I loved these cookies then, I still love them now, and I think they will always be a perfect, festive treat for any sort of celebration. I highly recommend trying this slightly complicated birthday-cake-like cookie recipe- it’s so worth it!

Since I don’t have a new recipe for you today, I have a delicious St. Patrick’s Day themed one for you tomorrow, plus an exciting giveaway later in the week! And make sure to check out the other Milk Bar Monday Creations via the links below. Happy Monday!

Cassie-Bake Your Day
Krissy-Krissy’s Creations
Meagan- Scarletta Bakes
Jaqueline- Dusty Baker
Nicole- Sweet Peony


  1. Oh, they look so good, Audra. I love the colours peeking through the cookies. I have the sugar strings too, I might try to make these. I say that with everything! I swear I have a list longer than my height! lol

    Just wanted to let you know that I linked to your blog from my blog too. I love your blog and felt it was link worthy on mine. :)

    Keep on baking and posting! :)

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