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Woah has it been quite a week over here. If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that I ended up heading to Vegas very last minute to tend to my fiancé Andy who ended up in the hospital while out there for a bachelor party.  (Nothing crazy, just a dangerous bloody nose that needed surgery.) We made the best of our time there, but I sure am happy to be home, (I’ve missed my kitchen!) I’m also jet-lagged and sleepy, (I guess sleeping in a hospital chair for two nights and a red eye has that affect.) Nonetheless- it wasn’t a boring week- nope not at all!

Top Row: My Sunday started out with a rainy trek to brunch with my girlfriends and a spicy Bloody Mary. As soon as I got home- the decision was made to book a very last minute trip to Vegas. (Thanks to my sister Nadia for helping me pack and get out the door in about 10 minutes.)

Bottom Row: Compost cookies were the perfect plane ride snack, Hospital breakfast, and (finally) Andy got his official discharge from the hospital!


Even though Andy was released mid-week, we had to stay in the Vegas area to monitor his condition so we made the best of it. Also- his sweet Mama came out to help so we enjoyed spending time with her as well.

Top Row: Beautiful Red Rock on a driving tour, Happy to see the patient Andy back to normal, Bananas Foster Crepes at the Paris on the strip. (Yum)
Bottom Row: Friseé Salad with Poached Egg (also at the Paris,) and a juicy Animal Style Cheeseburger from In-n-Out before taking the red eye home. What a week!


  1. Wow, what a whirlwind week for you! I’m glad Andy is feeling better! What happened?? Mmmm, Love in and out!

  2. So cool to see you and meet Andy. One thing, though–you looked amazing, truly beautiful, despite lack of sleep. I am glad everything is OK and that you are back to sharing your foodie news :)

  3. So glad you guys are home safely, but it sounds like the last-minute trip was a fun one, regardless of the circumstances!

  4. I’ll be visiting las Vegas soon! Are there any bakeries or resturaunts you can suggest?! Thanks!

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