New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!)

New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!) I’ve been holding out. I feel like even though I’ve come pretty far with decorating considering we’ve only been moved in for 6 weeks, sharing any pictures before everything is perfect seems premature. But then again, will things ever feel perfect? Really, can those who have moved into new houses recently weigh in? Will I ever feel “done”? I’m accepting that I may continue to add things here and there for the next who knows how long, and will try to let decorating go for a bit. It’s become all-consuming! Either way, I’m sharing some pics today, hoping you like the vibe I’m going for!

The hardest thing for me in any space is deciding on what to hang on the walls. In our last apartment which we lived in for almost 3 years, the walls were 99% bare until we moved out. I just can’t commit. The things I did hang, I never felt like I put effort into making it look perfect, because I knew we’d only be there for a short time. Owning a home makes everything seem more special and permanent and I wanted to do it right.

When the lovely folks at Minted contacted me about working with their Art Styling service to customize a gallery wall for our living room I was thrilled. I’d get to work with a designer to choose art, give them a feel for my style, and then have the ability to tweak it until I was happy with the final result. Then they send the prints/frames with hanging instructions, making it as easy as can be. Gallery walls have always been something I loved, but never even knew how to begin. I’ve seen those tutorials showing how to test out the layout with paper or on the floor, but that seems liked a disaster with two little ones am I right??

New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!) New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!) New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!) New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!)
New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!)New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!) New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!) New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!) New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!)

I am SO happy with how this turned out. Isn’t it lovely? There’s a nice mix here of art & prints of NYC, some of Chicago, a couple personalized family prints and then a couple whimsical ones I just liked for no reason at all. I sent a photo of the wall and space and the dimensions and they made the whole thing so easy. I decided to add the round bronze mirror for a different shape/element, and I love how it looks. Knowing me, I may continue to add to the wall in time, but man does this feel complete and put together right??

To make things extra exciting- Minted has offered one of my readers a $250 credit to be put towards any of their products or services. Just click here to enter the giveaway! Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM PDT on 9/18. 

Ok and here are a few more pics of the downstairs. They aren’t “done,” and who knows if they will ever feel that way, but we’re getting there. (New end table and lamp for next to the couch are 1st on my list!)

New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!)

But the kitchen is my favorite…if you saw how dark and depressing my last apartment was, you’ll understand why this light is everything!!!!

New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!) New House Sneak Peek, (and a gallery wall from Minted!)

These pics aren’t the perfectly styled, final product ones I’d planned to share, but it’s just a first look. More to come soon, including info on the Farm Table Andy made as well as the coffee table we made with reclaimed wood. Stay tuned for a couple new recipes this week as well! And don’t forget to enter the Minted Giveaway!

Minted provided me with the gallery wall and their design services, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!


  1. Looks great! We moved from NC to Baltimore about 3 mos ago and I was quick to unpack boxes and set things up, but artwork and finishing touches I cannot commit to either!! It’ll come! Also, I went to college on south side of Chicago and our family lived in Wheaton for a few years-not sure where you moved to but I have so much love for that city-great place, great people!!

  2. If Mike didn’t get a job where he did we would have looooved to move to the area you guys are in! We have been moved in since July and my walls are nowhere near as beautifully decorated as yours! I got the kids rooms done and then kinda lost steam. Totally entering this giveaway!

  3. Audra, what you have to remember….. It’s YOUR house! Being used to taking care of someone else’s house/apartment ( the landlord’s) it’s hard to let go a bit! Once I figured that out….well I painted on my children’s floors….Lamb’s and on the other teddy bears. When my daughter was older it was yellow roses like in Disney’s Beauty and the beast. These were done in acrylics. One a wall in my front room I painted golden carp. Have fun and enjoy your new home! Pat

  4. Were your walls already that color? I’ve been looking for a gray for my walls but everything seems too dark (or too blue!). Half of my house is really dark (north faving) and I can’t find a color I like for my downstairs. If you painted the walls, can you share the color?

    1. The whole house was actually painted this color when we moved in! I think they left a gallon of it somewhere in the basement though so I’ll try to find it and let you know!

  5. Pics are great…love the decorating. Lol…not sure this is a good thing or not but we’ve been in our apt. for a year and I’m still tweeking…just last week I rearranged the kitchen drawers to make things easier to use…good luck with your move and just enjoy yourself…

  6. About the art. Buy what you love, what speaks to you.
    Buy it as a travel souvenir or because it represents a time or place in your life. You will find a place to display it.
    My first art piece was a graduation gift, I inherited some and collected over the years. Every year or so I rearrange my art all around the house. Some gets put away for awhile and some I display only seasonally like antique postcards.
    Your house will never be “finished”. That’s a good thing. It will change as you and your family do. Enjoy the process.

  7. ahhh! so pretty. i prefer the not so styled pictures, for my sanity sake :p. i hear ya on the kitchen lighting too — our last house had huge windows in the kitchen and our current kitchen has something similar to a window you would find in a prison cell. D: hah. but we live in whatever home our church has available for us since my husband is a pastor, so we really can’t pick and choose!

  8. I love what you have done so far. Consider using more mirrors, they really open up spaces and send light throughout a room. For the kitchen, I love the children’s artwork. There are frames that open easily to change out the artwork. You should look for some of those to put their art in. This does two things, it make a great looking wall, and it makes the children feel so proud that you frame their art. Looking Great!!!

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