Are you guys sick of seeing trip pictures yet? I sure hope not because I still have 2 more cities we visited on our trip to share with you. I know you’re probably here for the recipes though- so you can expect plenty of those very soon. Meanwhile, here’s a little peek at our days in dreamy Venice.


Even though the whole city is basically aimed at tourists, we loved it. Every turn there was another beautiful canal or abandoned alleyway with picturesque buildings and cobblestone roads. And I was able to try my first gelato which I of course loved. (Though the stuff we had in Rome was better.)


If you’ve been to Venice you know about the famous Rialto- an open air market that has sold fish for over 500 years! (And lots of beautiful produce…it turns out pictures of raw seafood aren’t too pretty.) Are you a Shakespeare fan? I adore it, and was so inspired walking through the marketplace right where Shakespeare probably did hundreds of years ago… getting encouraged to write The Merchant of Venice.


St. Mark’s Basilica (and the square around it,) marks the hub of the city- and it was always full of lots of people, (tourists unfortunately.)


This beautiful and romantic city only got more so at night…the view of the sunset was amazing, and nothing was as charming as the lights reflecting into the waters of the canals.


I could have stayed another day, but we had to keep it short and sweet this time. Next- Florence!!



  1. I am in the middle of planning a trip to Italy for May. We’ll be there a week, and currently Florence, Cinque Terre, and Venice are on my itinerary. How many nights/days do you recommend in Italy? Did you prefer Venice or Rome?

    Your trip looks like it was amazing!

    1. Hey Kara! We had a week in Italy and did Venice, Florence and Rome. I think it was the perfect amount of time for those cities because all 3 involved lots of sight seeing. Cinque Terre would have been a perfect breather for a little relaxation- but it was too cold.

      You can only do Venice OR Rome? Such a hard decision. Venice is like no where else in the world, but Rome is full if life and history and some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had.

      Feel free to email me for restaurant suggestions!

        1. We took the train throughout Italy- so easy! TrenItalia but we bought our tickets through RailEurope.

    1. Oh I loved Venice but I LOVED Florence!! My favorite. Please email me so I can send you restaurant suggestions! :)

  2. How warm was it there this time of year? I notice you are wearing short sleeves. Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it’s spring here in Northern Virginia. It is supposed to go down to the 20s tonight. The colors in your pictures are beautiful.

  3. I’m not sick of the pictures either, it brings back wonderful memories of my honeymoon! We did Venice and Florence and Rome and one night in Sienna. I am still dreaming about going back…. *sigh* :-)

  4. Keep the trip pics coming! Love them. My husband and I did a trip like this a few years ago, and your pics are making me want to go back!

    Next time you’re in France, make a stop in Lyon. Beautiful city, GREAT food :) It will change your mind about French food.

  5. Oh wow, Venice looks amazing!! It had never really been high on my “must see” list but I think it’s moving up! I can’t wait to see the rest of your pics :)

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures! I love the produce ones, those artichokes look heavenly!!

    Can’t wait to see more trip photos!

  7. My GOSH, that city is GORGEOUS. You took some wonderful shots, Audra!! I want to go visit there so badly now!! I will definitely be emailing you when it comes time for us to plan our Italy trip :)

  8. That last picture of you is stunning. I love the colors and the lighting :) Can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures! :)

  9. I have very vague memories of Venice from when I was eight and this definitely sparked some reminders! It’s such a pretty city!

  10. Venice is lovely and you two are so cute!
    Look for a small pottery shoppe called La Margherita Venezia when you’re back.

    Florence was our fav! There was a restaurant by the train station that had the best truffle pizza.

    Pics are awesome. Thanks for sharing! xo

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